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1Jodie quits because Doctor Who is shit.12021-07-30 11:04
2Teela the lesbo tranny.12021-07-29 17:08
3m night shamylan72021-06-22 23:06
4Tenet (2020)12021-06-15 01:58
5Movie titles and copyright law.12021-05-12 16:31
6Marvel Movies Done.12021-05-07 08:23
7Super"Nigger"Man.22021-05-06 09:07
8Noel Clarke is a sexual predator.52021-04-30 18:40
9Is UHD 4k that impressive ?612021-04-28 20:54
10And this years Guilt Awards at the Oscars.22021-04-27 23:40
11The Thing (1980) the ending.72021-04-21 02:36
12black lives matter and family guy32021-04-19 03:03
13What’s your favorite Adam Sandler movie?62021-04-14 17:31
14Wonder Woman female only screenings.322021-04-14 16:22
15You're gonna light up Broadway22021-04-11 19:13
16Jesus Christ the West is dead.12021-04-09 23:08
17Mortal Kombat'12021-04-07 21:35
18Make no mistake.22021-04-04 21:22
19The moral message of Godzilla vs King Kong?122021-04-04 19:15
20The Matrix is a educational documentary video.122021-04-03 01:31
21Banned Movies ?32021-04-02 00:11
22Download South Park.72021-04-02 00:10
23Hollywood Classics Present Animal Lovers 11172021-04-02 00:09
24What are some good movies from 2018 until now?62021-04-02 00:09
25Disturbing movies thread:102021-03-24 21:47
26Comedy is the worst genre of film.162021-03-20 07:54
27Anyone ever see the movie Look Who's Back?42021-03-18 09:31
28the snyder cut92021-03-18 03:44
29leaked scripts22021-03-12 05:07
30Tron legacy12021-03-11 09:05
31Black Superman now.52021-03-11 01:13
32What do you think about the finale of Wandavision?1162021-03-10 15:32
33Deal or No Deal.12021-03-10 00:11
34BAFTAs were vanity awards and now are quotas awards.122021-03-09 18:16
35Coming 2 America (2021)72021-03-08 01:15
36Don't give a flying fuck about the race of actors?132021-03-03 01:16
37Netflix gets greedy22021-03-01 09:35
38Trannies, Dikes and Faggots have Killed the Movie Industry.32021-03-26 18:38
39Kevin Smith the racist piece of shit.132021-02-25 18:08
40Joe Pesci is a good actor.22021-02-18 14:06
41The nude women movie.12021-02-11 00:44
42Always Sunny22021-02-06 14:57
43Once (2048)32021-02-05 15:22
44TV ridiculous interracial family?102021-01-30 20:24
45Coming 2 America?122021-01-26 09:49
46Halloween goes Black Lives Matter.12020-11-08 23:45
47love true crime tv.12020-08-30 21:12
48Trynna watch a good movie.102020-08-27 00:13
49V The Mini Series (1983)12020-08-23 02:34
50Can someone smart explain Mr.Robot to me?192020-08-21 05:33
51If an Americans saw a normal European film.262020-08-21 05:28
52Rose McGowan.12020-08-18 14:57
53why doesn't he know where doc brown lives ?312020-08-16 19:20
54Every newer movie need to be a Darky.382020-08-07 16:22
55The Amityville Horror Movie Thread.12020-08-01 20:09
56The Amityville Horror and associated films.82020-08-01 19:22
57Do you still watch TV?52020-08-01 17:58
58The hunger games trilogy.12020-07-30 17:40
59Ninja Movies.22020-07-29 21:33
60I work for a powerful Hollywood executive/celebrity.1292020-07-26 18:15
61I'm looking for a film I saw years ago.52020-07-22 22:27
6233% of all roles in Hollywood's films go to POC.22021-01-30 20:21
63Kevin Durand Movie.12020-05-25 16:19
64Faggot Ezra Miller beats women in Iceland.12020-04-08 23:20
65Netflix sucks.22020-04-07 05:50
66Was Birds of Prey Good?12020-04-07 05:34
67Different films?12020-04-06 20:53
68[Bitching] TV and Movies that you hated32020-04-06 18:34
69Jodie Whittaker nude.32020-02-08 16:00
70Marvel is not cinema! Scorsese was right.22019-12-30 04:16
71Emily Atack smells of fish.12019-11-23 12:56
72Is Tarantino just basically overrated dude?32019-04-13 17:44
73The end for Hollywood.172019-03-24 20:51
74Star Trek Aliens682019-02-20 00:13
75Captain's log, stardate 3255.7.12019-02-10 01:19
76Bird box (2018)212019-01-06 01:37
77Black Panther632018-12-30 01:39
78The golden ping pong ball.22018-12-24 12:55
79Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)12018-12-22 21:28
80The Star Wars franchise is dead22018-12-11 15:32
81Media studies assignment.22018-12-08 15:14
82The Purge movies.22018-10-13 20:18
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86Alien Covenant thread392017-05-28 20:22
87Roger Moore dies aged 89 after battle with cancer.72017-05-23 17:13
88Before I Wake (2016)52017-05-14 22:46