[VIP] What is your choice? [SENSE]

1 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10015 13:09
You're at a bar and you're talking to a guy that is in disagreement with you and you sense that he is eventually going to attack you as he is already threatening.

Should you:

A) Just suddenly attack him to prevent his attack.

B) Apologize to deescalate the situation

C) Start to victimize your opponent with threating behavior to make him back off.

D) Run away to avoid this social situation.

All options can backfire, though C is the one most likely to get you out of the situation without a fight and without acting submissive. C can also make the guy who is pissed at you become both pissed and afraid and make him use more violence

What is your choice?
2 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10015 13:12
See how far the rabbit hole goes and insult his mom for raising him.
3 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10015 13:19
So option E) ridicule him?
4 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10015 13:24
what type of people do you absolutely hate?
5 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10015 13:32
Breathing ones.
6 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10015 13:34
Ones with big crooked noses
7 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10015 13:39
Does it make you happy when trannies commit suicide?
8 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10027 06:18
Had 3 pipes burst a couple days ago.

Repairman 1 comes by and does some shit, still leaking.

Repairman 2 comes by and does some shit, have a third leak.

Waiting on repairman 3 to come by today.

Oh and yesterday my tired blew out while driving so I got to stop and change a flat in the snow. And no, not a single person so much as slowed down or rolled a window to ask if I needed any help.

But you know, can't be worried about any of that shit man.
9 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10027 11:51
Sounds like a you problem
10 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10027 17:25
Go back.
11 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10027 22:59
And no, not a single person so much as slowed down or rolled a window to ask if I needed any help.
You must live in a blue state
12 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10028 04:32
To where
13 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10028 10:06
well as long as no one pisses on your rug your all good.Life is full of problems and the only thing you can do is cope and bowl man. Just fallow the fucking rules!
14 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10028 15:40
Imagine needing help to change a tire
Lol what whiners
15 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10029 00:00
what's a passerby gonna do during a tire change, hold the bolt caps and destract you?
16 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10029 19:27
seriously one of the most funny moments in my life was when my 88 hatchback had a flat and my dad refused to do it

so I googled what I needed and did it myself. all he could do was nag me "did you do it right" "not so tough huh"

well I did it in 100F and that spare stayed on till it went caput years later.
17 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10031 02:01
the hardest part was getting the nuts off everything else is a breeze
18 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10032 08:34
Getting my nuts off is always the hardest part
19 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10033 12:21
Sounds like you need to be self sufficient and stop waiting for others to solve your problems coward.
20 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10075 16:42
I am so fucking sick of this april fools bullshit, haha very funny "Canada" oooooh next you're going to tell me w*men exist in real life

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