Creepy Uncle Joe for U.S. Senate.

1 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9843 18:51
Joe Biden is back from your kids bedroom to take a hands-on approach to American's children.

Biden has a good feel for the kids if America and can smell what they really want from putting their hands deep down Joe's pants, Joe is ready for love and will give a good ol" fashioned pounding to your child and anybody else who gets in his way!
2 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9844 13:29
Creepy joe
3 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9889 23:21
Sleepy joe
4 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9901 05:07
new president theyre going to save our country by doing x!
they dont do x
repeat every 4 years
its always the same anon, dont know why anybody ever expects it to be any different
5 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9914 01:27

How a liberal sees Joe Biden
6 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9926 21:48
What a feeble, stupid, foolish old man.
7 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9939 18:08
Huuuuuuur duuuuuuuur fuck off eurofuck
8 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9952 14:29
trumptards still sore about NOT WINNING i see
9 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9964 07:02
Kill yourself.
10 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10033 12:10
Dem shill is a commie
checks out
11 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10075 12:46
follow the white rabbit...
12 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10081 18:09
Americans are fucking dumb.
You bunch of retarts.
13 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-10081 18:23
Awesome. I’m hoping that feeling stays the rest of the day anon.

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