[VIPPER] Prove You're an Oldfag [Part 1]

1 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9832 01:00
Prove you're an oldfag, you worthless retards.
2 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9832 18:37
2009-2011 Orgfag
2012-2014 Newfag
2015-2017 Cancer
2018-2019 Reddit
2020 Worthless...!
3 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9833 22:26
2013 to specify
4 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9835 02:13
No. And fuck you OP, go choke on a bucket of dicks.
5 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9835 16:06
2010 I was a 10 year old shitter shitting the place up
inb4 zoomers can't be oldfags
6 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9836 06:00
I'm just starting to use secret lounge. Pretty much coming here because I despise Reddit.
7 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9836 19:55
12 so beginning of newfag. I used to visit Newgrounds in the early 2000s and it's how I found 4chinztol in 12.
8 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9837 09:48
2014 newfag, sfbe brought me here
9 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9837 23:42
You filthy roody-poo ape. I miss Journeyer
10 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9838 13:35
2017 fag, Wish I came earlier.
11 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9839 03:30
2011/12-ish, I was about 14 at the time and started lurking on my 3ds.

Can't believe I have spent over 8 years on this cesspit. Back the it used to be fun and original at least.
12 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9839 17:23
If I say Newt Gringrich, do I get an oldfag card?
13 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9840 07:17
Fuck off SFBE!
14 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9840 21:10
Lol haha you win the internets sir
XD ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'RLY?(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) haha epic caturday
scorpion flies with baloon haha fetus puppet
15 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9841 11:04
Came in late 2013
Leave nigger
16 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9841 00:58
2006 or 2007, on world4ch not sure which one. before I found the hidden link post on /lounge/ I dont remember too much from that time though, one of my earliest memories is the stupid Puddi puddi cloging up everything and row row fight the power but I have no idea when that was.
17 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9842 14:53
I am cancer
18 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9843 04:46
oldfag, desu desu, firing lazors, gets, lewding yotsuba, etc

still remember wtsnacks posting
19 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9843 10:20
I'm gonna knock this fucking card stand over give me 15 minutes.
20 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9843 18:40
21 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9843 00:15
been on 4chan since about 2004. It's been a bit over 16 years. I don't post much. started posting on world4ch about 2008 and found sceret /lounge/ which has always been retarded too, but not shite like tinychan's lounge.
22 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9844 08:36
Back during the Rosen maiden era during 05, ~desu
Got banned from the anime board I used to frequent and they accused me of being a channer so I went and found out what a channer was. Frequented 7chan more in the start but 7chan has been dead for years now. Ppl were faggots back then with the "prove you're an oldfag BS" and "FINISH THE MEME: ITTY BITTT BABY..." but the memes were better and the mods were less faggy, still 4ct is the only place i post dailly!
23 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9844 16:56
11 fag here so according to the chart I'm newfag.
24 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9845 01:16
I was here for that, that was great. Didnt one guy pussy out and had to get someone else to do it?
25 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9845 09:37
what year would fgs fds be? because that's all I remember from way back.

wish I knew the year I first came in contact with this place, but I was definitely a kid. a shitload of years later there's a connection that won't let me leave.
26 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9845 20:43
There were a few attempts but only like two people ever actually had the balls to tip them over.
27 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9846 05:04
the og world4ch 2005
28 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9846 10:37
09. Just made it you Roody-Poos.
Sage goes in all fields.
29 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9846 21:46
that was in like 2014 faggots

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