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[VIP] Jewish Repelled Volume One [Gold Stars]

41 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 13:14
Oh, you're just as jewish as "Irish" are Irish and "Polish" are Polish in america.

I.e. not at all for the people actually in Ireland or Poland.

You don't stay your ethnicity after you changed it, it's unfortunately a weird echo from the rather racist way America deals with heritage. The same way as one drop of "n*****r" blood apparently made you always one, Americans still do it with any other heritage.

Those distinctions only exist to seperate Americans from Americans, it's counter productive, and I'd advice you to not use it to identify yourself.

Mention it if someone asks who you're descended from, don't make it part of your identity, because at heart, you're an American, nothing else.

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