[VIP] Jewish Repelled Volume One [Gold Stars]

1 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9719 06:43
When Did you learn that Jews were evil and that Isreal did 911?

2 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9835 06:40
if thats the case, how come the people flying the planes were muslims instead of jews?
3 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9835 12:13
They are dumb enough to suicide for nothing then the idea of a few virgins to fuck after life
4 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9835 17:47
Jewish teacher at school tried to holocaust shame me for drawing swazis and luftwaffa planes on my notebook. Instead of letting her narrative sink in [which sounded batshit] I opted to goto the reference section [before the massive purge of historical data] and found out the lies her people were projecting.
5 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9835 23:21
Fucktard, Dov Zakehim's previous position was CEO of a corporation that designed remote control systems for aircraft. HELLO. WAKE UP. SMELL THE KREPLACH.

Just count the Jews surrounding 9/11. Larry SIlverstein and his remarkable return on investment in the WTC lease. Count the number of DEAD Jews on 9/11. Very few. Hmm. Interesting.

Examine the fucking facts. The Israeli "art students" and their bizarre "art installation". Who held the security contract for the WTC on 9/11? Ask yourself about the "five dancing Israelis" arrested after being witnessed videotaping and celebrating the WTC collapse.

Unplug yourself from the Jew media CNN-matrix and do your own research. Past a point "coincidence" does not explain much.

6 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9836 02:08
2018. Ironically it was actually COD WWII that gave me an interest in Nazis instead of it's '>allied good' narrative. I'm more moderate today though.
7 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9836 04:54
Everybody that makes this glasses meme needs to go to the source material. He puts the glasses on inorder to see the aliens and their propaganda. Every meme shows the opposite. It’s maddening.
8 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9836 10:28
does it really make an entire country evil if their government trades child sex parties to world leaders in exchange for military and economic support for their citizens?
9 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9836 16:02
It's correct you idiot.
10 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9836 21:38
11 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9837 03:12
... anon, that's what's happening in the pic. are you okay?
12 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9837 08:45
But in the movie they're normal people without the glasses and then they're revealed to be alien through the glasses. OP's is right.
13 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9837 14:19
I really wish the anti Jewish crowd would spend even a fraction of the time put into hate on something that actually helped people. This lie that everything would be awesome if not for (insert BS here) is the oldest trick in the book for manipulating stupid people.
14 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9837 19:53
Examine the fucking facts. The Israeli "art students" and their bizarre "art installation"
what's this?
I know about the rest and even 15yo me who saw the towers drop knew that shit defied the laws of gravity and was a controlled demolition.
That shit woke me up to stuff I already knew but couldn't pinpoint, that the world is a lie.
15 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9837 22:40
16 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9838 04:13
that's what anon said too, and is shown in his pic, every example in the thread so far is the same but anon seems to have the stupids. I think he doesn't realize that the image in the glasses on the first panel are a reflection and not the view through the glasses.
17 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9838 09:47
Isn't there a glory hole that needs tending to queer-i-o?
18 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9838 15:20
Quiet rabbi
19 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9838 20:54
20 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9839 02:28
It really doesn't take any time out your day to hate the kike fren. Did you major in woman's studies?
21 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9839 08:01
When did you learn this? I haven't heard anything other then it had something to do with Saudi. Plz provide source moron.
22 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9839 13:36
The world isn't the black and white battle you think it is. I for example am on the left but hate identity politics and all that sjw bullshit. To be even more clear I'm not a centrist either. I'm to the left of Bernie Sanders. Also not Jewish. Staunchly anti religion. Grown men believing in fairy tales only sets us back after all.
23 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9839 19:10
Take The truth pill, wake up
stop being programmed by the Jew
End Jewish Supremacy
24 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9839 00:43
Ow noes so very scawy post on the /vip/
help me bros the tough shill is bullying me
25 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9840 06:17
Proceed to address it
It's the second time you do that after i drop cold truth on you. But yeh there is a dark conspiracy about revolving around you and your unimportant pedestrian life. Agencies are looking at your trips to the supermarket. Spies everywhere. The movies are trying to turn you gay.
Because you matter so much. You are not an insignificant worker in a huge machine. If you died tomorrow, not only people would notice, but the system would stop functioning. We need to keep you down so that your power level won't be fully realized!

Bzzz bzz bzz little bee.
26 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9846 20:38
You haven't addressed shit.
You are contradicting yourself over and over and defeating straw men, then proceed to drop assorted demoralization lines. You god damned hero.
You still haven't realized that you doing that has little to no effect on posters ITT or on me specifically. Every second you spend on replying to me is a second wasted that could've been spent on more fruitful endeavours. Though I am happy to continue this non-conversation if you insist. Gives me an excuse to post all sorts of pics anyway.
27 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9846 23:39
But wait if jews control everything that would make them master race wouldnt it?
28 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9847 02:15
Jews, outside of the extreme orthodox, generally aren't too concerned with how much or even if somebody believes in the religion. Jews who don't believe in the religion at all are very common, and pretty much every Jewish family has at least one, so it's not really looked down on by most. Jews also tend to place an emphasis on informed personal decisions, so I think a Jew who doesn't believe would generally be seen more favorably than one who does believe but does so without question, and never questioned their own beliefs.
29 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9847 05:07
>>28 Why do jews always whisper "shekel shekel" when you pass one on the streets? And I can clearly tell its a jew cause they have that smell of a cash dispenser after it opened up and threw out fresh moneys
30 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9847 07:54
Because the hebrew dont want you to know the truth. Jews are not like us,instead of embracing beeing white these Itzigs want to replace us. Thats why they control Media/Money,everything arround you. If you think im wrong,well,thats your opinion brother. But always remember what our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ spoke "They(The Jews) choose poorly". His Words are the Path to Paradise.
31 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9847 10:41
How can you be a jew if you're atheist? That just means you're an American of (maybe) distant middle eastern decent.
32 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9847 13:28
It's a bit confusing because the word "Jew" has so many meanings. In my particular context, I use "Jew" as reference to the Ashkenazi ethnic group. Technically a misnomer, I suppose, but when most people hear "Jew", they picture an Ashkenazi person, whereas when most people hear "Ashkenazi", they say "What's that?", so I call myself a Jew out of simplicity even though I don't subscribe to the religion.

But yes, for all practical purposes, I'm just a regular old American, and outside of specific contexts where background is being discussed, that's how I view and refer to myself.
33 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9847 16:15
Fucking kike, you should've been gassed with the rest of your rat relatives, you subhuman goblin.
34 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9847 19:02
what is your opinion on Zionist Jews?
35 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9847 21:49
They piss me off. It's a bunch of supremacist bullshit that has no place in society.
36 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9847 00:36

they have changed the name of golan heights to trump heights in Israel.
trump wants to build the third temple.
is a picture forming with this information?

listen to the story of jewish supremacy. from a kabbalist
37 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 03:07
Why do you lie about the Holocaust?
38 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 05:54
muh six gorillion is growing larger every day because jooz need victimization to achieve their agenda. Israel the headquaters of earth.

conquering the last countries on earth without jewish federal reserve currency
39 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 08:41
I lie about the Holocaust?
40 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 11:27
Different anon then you replied to but let me ask, are you aware the holocaust basically didn't happen as in it is hugely exxagerated and lied about(ie there were no gas chambers, never a "final solution"/plan to kill all the jews and only about 250-300 thousand jews died) or do you believe the official narrative?(which is a lie)
41 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 14:14
Oh, you're just as jewish as "Irish" are Irish and "Polish" are Polish in america.

I.e. not at all for the people actually in Ireland or Poland.

You don't stay your ethnicity after you changed it, it's unfortunately a weird echo from the rather racist way America deals with heritage. The same way as one drop of "n*****r" blood apparently made you always one, Americans still do it with any other heritage.

Those distinctions only exist to seperate Americans from Americans, it's counter productive, and I'd advice you to not use it to identify yourself.

Mention it if someone asks who you're descended from, don't make it part of your identity, because at heart, you're an American, nothing else.
42 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 17:02
In my country there's a problem
43 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 19:50
Sasha is probably one of the biggest Israel Zionist cock sucking shills now.

he would Gargles ADLs balls if he could sell it to audiences in cinemas.
44 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 20:25
He always was, like all of them, even the ones who are ostensibly "anti zionist" they always work in their own ethnic interest and against the ethnic interest of their usually white host nations
45 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9848 20:30
how do jews look at you and how your parents

i assume they see your parents as failures to convince you of their dogma
46 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9860 03:53
Why do people refuse to hate the Jews? They go at lengths to explain their hatred towards blacks, the media and far left. But,, as soon as I bring up Jews they ignore it or change the subject.
They're white people, but for some reason enjoy a special place above us in society. Why don't people question this?
47 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9860 05:08
Jews aren't white or american. we celebrate.
48 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9861 04:50
I need hard proof of why y'all hate Jews. Not that I necessarily don't align with that way of thinking, but I need more talking points. Feel free to cite any historic events no matter the time period.

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