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[VIPPER] The Fake 1969 moon landing? [Conspiracy Theory]

4 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9302 07:29
Because it did

I watched it

Fuck off
5 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9302 10:16
there isn't a filming studio in the reflection of a helmet ?

6 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9302 13:03
They cant go past the radiation belts, we can never leave this prison
8 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9302 18:38
Because it did.
9 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9302 21:25
The Chinese would have exposed our bullshit when they went to the moon a few years back. I’m sure they looked for our flag.
10 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9303 00:12
because i'm not retarded
11 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9303 02:59
I don't. It didn't happen.

50 years of technological advancement
be elon musk
always testing new rockets
sends Tesla into space
lands boosters vertically on platform at sea
hasn't parked something on the moon for practice for getting to mars despite us landing there 6 times apparently
no one has sent a cheeky rover to the moon to live stream video footage of the landing site and flag
rover on mars but no rover on the moon?
should I keep going?

Get a grip you fucking idiots. It was faked to gain a mental edge over the Russians.
14 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9303 11:22
It happened for 2 reasons:
- During the cold ware spy activity was extremely high, if the landing had been faked spys form the former ussr would have found out about it and plastered it all over the world.

- If the nasa were any good at faking stuff like the moon landing it would not have them decades to do anything else worth mentioning.
15 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9303 14:09
Because I'm not an idiot. The fucking Chinese have a satellite around the moon that even sent back pictures of the lunar landing site. You really think the Chinese would go along with the hoax?
16 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9303 16:56
Well it’s a bit like the holocaust really,
21 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9304 06:51
Because they did, you fucking retard.
22 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9304 09:38
it's impossible because the earth is flat
23 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9304 12:25
Oh only just the overwhelming body of evidence to support it.
25 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9304 17:59
I don’t believe anything.
28 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9305 02:21
Because I was there you faggot!
35 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9305 21:51
Because it doesn't matter what I believe. It was an event that happened, and now we've moved on to other things.
37 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9306 03:24
Because I categorically KNOW it happened.
I was a Communications Engineering student (in England) at the time and we were tracking the comms using a steerable parabolic dish aerial, while simultaneously having access to the live tv broadcasts.

Most of the educated portion of the developed world was watching those live broadcasts and knew that they were seeing the greatest achievement in the history of mankind. A feat that has been repeated, but never bettered (apart from the Apollo 13 rescue perhaps).

You're a fucking deluded moron if you think the whole educated world could be duped by a faked landing.
39 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9306 08:58
Soviets won every aspect of the space race.
The americans had only one chance to prove themselves, that would have been landing on the moon. Since all their attempts miserably failed, they had to fake it, in that political climate admitting defeat was not an option.
They faked it and claimed victory, "Space race won" It was their pride on the line.
Guess what, soon as technology got close for other countries to really go there with remote operated devices, the US declared the landing site a NO GO Zone, like a 10 kilometers square and high cube space, reasoning this is a Heritage site of Humanitys greatest achievement, therefore it should not be disturbed, aka no one should go there and see that there is no flag or any tracks there.
You are welcome
41 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9306 14:32
Why do you still believe the 1969 moon landing happened?

The Russians HATED America. Not once did they question the footage, missions, spacecraft or capabilities of the US Space program. Not once.
46 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9307 04:27
Because 69lolamirite
47 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9307 07:14
it wasn't faked per se but nasa fucked up the calculations and they landed on enceladus and told everyone it was our moon to save face

the soviets went along with the lie because landing on enceladus is more of a technological feat
50 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9307 15:35
Literally look at the pic you stupid fuck. Why is everything lit perfectly in a vacuum >>23
54 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9308 02:44
Occam's razor, retard
55 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9308 05:30
All the deniers have repeatedly shown to have no knowledge in orbital mechanics, rocket technology, radiation. It would actually cost more with the technology back then to fake it than actually go there.
59 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9309 09:18
American education breeding retards like OP
60 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9309 20:25
can you prove it didnt?
64 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9311 16:53
Let's say it didn't, what would it change to my life? I've been told it happened,
I'm rolling with it because I genuinely don't fucking care.

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