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[ww] I am JEWsaurus ask me anything. [M PART 2]

10 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-8666 03:53
Haven't done anything since I left school 7 years ago. Parents were too kind (not their fault/not blaming them) and let me stay with them while I continued being useless.
Got panic attacks every time I tried to apply for a job or something and kept pushing it back to another time. Never asked for help because I didn't think I deserve it. Everyone else does this shit daily, right?
So here I am now, 7 years of doing nothing, writing applications because I finally got over my whiny bullshit and asked for help but now I fear it's too late and nobody will hire me because of this huge gap.

Anyone else who fucked themselves this badly? What did you do?

An hero no option, don't want to hurt my family like that.

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