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[ww] I am VIPsaurus ask me anything. [PART 1]

36 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-9889 23:20
Did you know that there's a moment in time where every traffic light turns red? I'm sure you see it on a daily basis. They make sure it happens all the time so there won't be traffic accidents everywhere. From the time a signal turns red to the time the signals perpendicular to it turn green, there's about three seconds of lag. In other words, everything comes to a halt. You could call it the three-second void of intersections. On the other hand, there's never a time when every signal turns green. As long as they're not undergoing maintenance, that is. If I were the designer, I'd create a system in which it'd be impossible to do that on a structural level. Everyone prefers safety over danger, after all. The world is at its safest when it's filled with red signals that denote danger. Conversely, the world becomes the most dangerous place when it's full of green signals that denote safety. It's quite a contradiction.
People crossing the road when the crosswalk light turns green think they have some kind of divine protection, but they're sorely mistaken. It's just half as risky. And it's just a little bit better than every signal being green. The best way to avoid any danger is to not use a crosswalk at all. But of course, even if you're using the sidewalk, a drunk driver could zigzag his way across and run into you. So if you don't want to face danger, don't use the crosswalks or the sidewalks.
What a dangerous place this world is.

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