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[ww] I am VIPsaurus ask me anything. [PART 1]

16 Name: VIPPER 1993-09-8695 06:14
She asked me to wait for her: I met this girl in college this year. She is 24 and I'm 29. 2 months before I met her her ex-boyfriend of 5 years dumped her to play the field. Because of this she suffers depression and is on medication for it and sees a counselor once a month. She said she likes me but is not ready to have her heart broken again and so she doesn't want a relationship right now. But she adds she can see being in a relationship with me in the future. I told her I'd wait for her. This was 3 months ago. Fast forward to now. We have hung out every once in a while and we have make out and hug but we have not had sex so far as she said she isn't ready, That's fine by me as I am used to going long periods without sex. However since the beginning of our "relationship" or friendship whatever you want to call it, I notice that she texts me less and less everyday now. It doesn't help that I work nights but these days I may only get 1 text from her a day, which I only reply to and ask a follow up question knowing that I'll have to wait another day for the response. I can feel her getting more and more distant and I don't want to accuse her of ignoring me or cheating as that may push her further away. She still says she sees a future with me as she's told me this as recently as last week. My question is do you think she's still actually interested in me or is she trying to let me down easy? As long as it's just the depression and I'm still the guy she wants I want to continue this relationship.

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