1 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-24 20:58
Ok so let’s be honest with ourselves. You’re here looking at your screen but you don’t go outside to truly live. How much longer are you gonna let the escapism of the internet give you satisfaction? When are you going to take control of your life and do something about the problems you have? Time is temporary and you aren’t going to be here forever. Regardless of your political view, religious practice, or upbringing in life when is it going to click you don’t have much time left. When are you finally going to take control of your life. Take that hike up that mountain. Talk to that cute girl on your mind. Tell that asshole to fuck off. Live for those who weren’t able to grow with you. That voice you read all of this in, let it tell you that you won’t waste a single second anymore being a bitch.

Yes OP is a faggot, my mother is a cunt, nigger bitch. Whatever you have to say to excuse the question is this what your life is gonna amount to? This is to those who know they can achieve it, they just lost sight of who they truly are. I think your better than that and you know it. Peter Parker learned to accept responsibility, you can as well. Don’t run from it. Become the person you were meant to be.

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