Thor: Love and Thunder.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-08-30 11:55
I've been extras on Thor: Love and Thunder. My scene took place in a pub I which Thor, Jane, Valkyrie and a person in CGI suit meets with Hercules (played by Charlie Hunnam). They came to talk with him about destruction of Olympus. Hercules was pretty downcast and smashed af. He wears comic accurate costume, which makes him looked like Conan, which I thought he was, before girl I was sitting with, told me it must be Hercules. He was also flirty with Valkyrie (but rejected), Jane (same story) and even Thor (who weirdly go with it). I don’t know who was guy in CGI suit but I think I might saw him somewhere before. It was older black actor, but no one too famous, or at least no one I talked with on set knew him. They also did a lot of improvisation because in three day shot, takes always had slightly different jokes. Also, Chris and Tessa are pretty nice people, they actually take time to talk to us every day before shooting.

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