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Marvel Movies Done.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-07 08:23
Lets face it.

They captured lightning in a bottle.

Never again will we have a series of movies so vast and consistently exciting.

These films will go down in history as the perfect example to create a cinematic universe.

The quality was always consistent and engaging.

The characters were always well developed and had consistent story arcs. Captain American and Tony fulfilled their purpose in the end.

Face it. Not even lord of the rings comes close to these masterpieces.

Nobody has ever been able to level a single valid criticism beyond 'muh formulaic'. Which is stupid, why change a winning formula.

Name ONE actual thing wrong with them, it just cant be done.

Not only that, but the way they engage POC and women in their casting choices is tasteful and not overdone. Everyone is represented. It's beautiful.

Avengers infinity war and endgame managed to round off this series with such finesse, i still cry to this day when i watch them.

They weren't the highest grossing film series of all time for no reason. It must be good.

I'm 30 years old btw, so don't say i'm some zoomer.

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