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why doesn't he know where doc brown lives ?

27 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-16 18:44
there's a sign that says "Hill Valley 2 miles" (likely for comedic purposes
when Marty is in the car, he says "I'll go back 10 minutes (sets time to 1:24)"
Sign at the mall says 1:35 when Marty shows up at "lone pine mall"

the rest is deductive reasoning regarding city planning.

the only possibility would be that Marty drove the wrong way when he was fleeing the farm when he first time traveled and then turned back around after realizing that. which means, he would've passed by that farm again on the way to downtown.

This actually works out for the night to day shift that occurs between leaving the farm/mall area and passing his neighborhood under construction. He first traveled back to 6:38 am. So he drove the wrong way for 15-20 minutes, got his bearings, turned around, saw the construction, parked the car, and walked 2 miles. That would put him walking into town at about 8am, which would make sense why his dad is eating breakfast in the cafe.

which also means that he could travel the 1 to 1.5 miles to the mall in the 10 minute span.

thanks for helping me figure that out, it's been bothering me for ages.

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