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I work for a powerful Hollywood executive/celebrity.

34 Name: Anonymous 2020-07-25 10:00
I have no goddamn idea where that comes from. I've been to some fucked up parties out here, but the only pedo shit I've heard of/seen is shady shit like Justin Roiland skeeving out underage actresses, or comedians trying to pick up teenagers at meetings or shows. I've been to actual swinger parties with celebrities out here: not as many drugs as you'd think (lots of weed, coke is frowned upon unless you're a fucking twenty year old trust fund idiot) and plenty of gay shit.

Closest actionable rumors I've heard are actually about Scientology and that Nexium shit...there is some of that going around, but that's some weird cult thing that I don't think has much to do with child trafficking or's more about brainwashing and stealing money/enslaving people. The self-help obsessed "almost" stars fall into that shit a lot. Lots of undiagnosed mental health problems out here.

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