[Bitching] TV and Movies that you hated

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-06-07 05:22
Just tried to watch the new season of Black Mirror. It's never been nearly as good as most people seem to think it is, but the first few seasons were OK at least as a sort of modern throwback to okayish anthology series like the outer limits with a dystopian twist. Since I liked the first few seasons when I heard it was picked up by netfliks I thought it might be good. Huge mistake. The new season is so fucking bad it has made me angry. There's like 3 episodes, each as long as a bargin bin movie, and each as shit. The episodes are poorly plotted, poorly acted, and simply stupid. There's one episode that's basically a generic police procedural type who's point is "social media is addictive!". No shit sherlock, that might have been clever ten years ago. Another episode is basically just Short Circuit cross pollinated with a banned bleak episode of some disney teen pop star movie the popstar was played by an alexa ripoff. And the final one, the only one that wasn't completely fucking trash was basically just two guys sexting in an AOL chatroom updated for VR. Apparently critics still thought these were "great" episodes even though they'd probably have trashed them if the netflix brand wasn't attached to it. Shit sucks, but at least it reminded me why I haven't watched TV in years.

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