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Captain's log, stardate 3255.7.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-02-10 01:19
We're approaching planet Musflon IV. The Enterprise received a distress signal originating from the planet's surface. I am assembling a landing party to track down the source of this mysterious signal.

Mr. Sulu, take us into standard orbit.

Lieutenant Uhura, relay the signal to Starfleet Command and tell them I'll be beaming down with Mr. Spock, McCoy, and two security officers.

Scotty, you have the Conn.

Ready to energize, sir.


Kirk to Enterprise, it's safe to send the security officers. Kirk out.

Spock, any readings on the precise location of the signal?

Negative, Captain. My tricorder is detecting the signal, but cannot pinpoint its precise location. It would appear to be some kind of interference that is scrambling the reading.

Captain I'm..... reading some...... gravitational fluctuations from the planets southern pole

Checkov, feed the data to Spocks tricorder. Kirk out.

Spock, do you have the data?

C'mere, ya wee beauty! Jus' you an' me *HIC*...all thay dunderheids moochin' aboot doon there *HIC* kiddin' on they're dayin' summat important...

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