The golden ping pong ball.

1 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-24 11:16
Ok so I’m trying to remember the name of a 3d animated movie/ radio show/ children's book and it's going to sound pretty insane when I start describing it so please bear with me. If anyone knows the name/ remembers this shit please let me know. I should also start by saying I’m not exactly sure that it is a tv show or what, I know it was for kids and the first/ only time I came into contact with it was around 2005. It was in the form of a radio show, however I am assuming it was also a children's book at some point. I think it was called something to the effect of “ life in the swamp” but I cannot find it based on that title.
The radio show featured some animals living in a swamp, I think it was mostly frogs but the one character that stands out in my memory was an Alligator named Methuselah. In the episode the cast was in a contest looking for a golden ping pong ball, and whoever found it would receive a lifetime supply of chocolate. I also remember that Methuselah the Alligator wanted to use the lifetime supply of chocolate to create a “Chocolate Moose”, I think it was supposed to be a play on chocolate mousse. I remember that he found the golden ping pong ball in a log but he was too big to reach inside, and I think the episode ended with a dentist winning the lifetime supply of chocolate just to get rid of it.
Now I understand that this sounds like a fever dream but it was very much real, and way back when I heard it I looked it up online where I found that it also took the form of a 3d animation, I am not sure if it was a show or a movie. This has been driving me insane for years. Again I think it was called “life in the swamp” but I haven’t been able to find it based on that name.
2 Name: Anonymous 2018-12-24 11:55
Methuselah the Alligator
Meet the Characters from Life at the Pond - Christian videos for kids

Methuselah the alligator is the wise one of The Pond. He's been around seemingly forever. He tries to keep the others out of trouble, while giving them room to ...


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