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Thoughts on Disenchantment?

52 Name: ④ⓒⓣ™ 4ct 2018-09-22 21:08
Simpson's was really good up until the early 2000s. It was okay until the movie, then it took a downward spiral.

Futurama was gold up until it got canned. Then the movies were okay and got better with each one. Then the reboot kinds straggled for a season until it found it's place until it ended shittily.

Disenchantment struggles from an identity and character problem. It's trying super hard to not be Futurama or the Simpson's to the point where it cripples the show. All because or creative pride. The few times they do revisit that level of comedy the show is at it's best.

As the characters go. Bean is a drunken moron who has little to nothing in common with the viewer. All she does is get drunk and fuck around. But she's not a blue collar family man like homer was. And she's not an endearingly stupid and lovable slacker like fry was. Not to mention the other two primary characters are tiny and pointless.
One is a demon that just enables her bad behavior (and that's fine) but elfo also enables her bad behavior too.

The rest of the cast of secondary characters is pretty decent but they're just secondary cast. I hope they at least become something like Amy, Hermes, Scruffy and Zoidberg were and have their own complex plotlines.

If the second season bombs hard I guess I won't ever watch it again.

Not like there's anything else to watch anyways. I crunch new shit out in days anyways. Then O just go back to watching old south park, Family guy, Simpson's, Futurama anyways.

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