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Black Panther

52 Name: Anonymous 2017-06-10 17:14
I enjoy science fiction. You have no point. I'm very clear how poor, under developed and intellectually inferior the native of Africa are. This in no way affects me because I'm above all the American propaganda and brainwashing. Remember, the point in controlling your citizens is to keep them hating each other and not the real enemy. There have been created two sides of everything. Which side do you stand in? Repub, Dem, left, right, lib, conserve, rich, poor, supporter, denier? Free yourself from the restraints of first world government control and walk down the middle away from the fake world friend. Find inner peace and these things will no longer effect you. Your ego has been manipulated and indictrinated all your life, there need to be a point in time in your life where you have to shake it all off and free yourself. Stop believing everything the tv and news tells you and ignore everything else. Try living and creating your own life and reality. I feel bad for you and the others trapped in their molded egos.

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