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Black Panther

38 Name: Anonymous 2017-06-10 15:34
You know what's worse than over exaggerating political correctness? Complaining about it on social media. Just watch the movie and enjoy it. It's fiction and for entertainment. Stop making more about your stupid conservative/liberal belief system. Ever watch any Eddie Murphy movie he produced? His entire universe was all black people with white people as the minority. Nobody care back then cause nobody was a sensitive little bitch about their feelings then. I don't care either way or how accurate a fucking movie is. Grow up and get your retarded brain occupied with something else other than falling victim to the propaganda machine. Stop watching Tv and going on social media, it's clearly effecting your brain. Go out side and de-weed a garden or plant a tree or feed the birds. Look up at the stars at night and ponder to yourself for a few hours the mysteries of the universe that has created you. You and the rest of the social media nuts and tv and news watchers are being manipulated in both directions on purpose and you have no idea it's happening to you. It's sad to see how much control the propaganda machine has on people these days. It's quite scary how well it's been working lately. You have no idea how bad you are being manipulated by it. Free yourself from it or forever be a pawn.

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