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Alien Covenant thread

30 Name: Anonymous 2017-05-28 19:19
I was quite excited when Prometheus got released, was thrilled when I saw the opening sacrificial scene...BUT

was quickly let down by how dumb the characters were ..
- taking off your space helmets on a newly discovered hostile planet just because the gas composition within a cave on the said hostile planet seems to match earth's

- walking over everything, stepping on everything, breaking every seal, and contaminating every single thing within the cave (spaceship)

-the geologist/geographer getting lost inside despite having super high tech gps flying balls

-the dumb biologist who thinks the first thing to do when encountering a seemingly alarmed space creature (the snake thing) is to touch it


fucking dumb shit

Saw Alien Covenant recently, hoping that the stupidity will be taken care of - NO! It's still fuckin stupid..FUCK!

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