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1 Name: Anonymous 2021-02-27 15:31
Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T, X, and W/P Series if you want the Real Business Experience™
Other business laptops are welcome in /tpg/ (Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook)

Why ThinkPad?
Used machines are plentiful and cheap
Excellent keyboards, tactile feel and quiet
Great durability: magnesium roll cage for structural integrity, with high quality plastic body panels
Utilitarian design: e.g. indicator LEDs, 7 row keyboard layout on older models
Docking stations that easily turns your laptop into a desktop
Easy to repair (most models), upgrade & maintain thanks to readily available service manuals for every model, spare parts easy & cheap to obtain
Excellent Linux & *BSD support

ThinkWiki - General info about ThinkPads and specs

Modern models:
X220/X230 - 12", 768p, cheap and light
T420/T430 - 14", 900p (1080p w/mod board), Ivy Bridge support on T420 w/coreboot, quad core upgrade possible, old keyboard swap on xx30 series
T520/530; W520/530 - 15", 1080p, DTR, 32GB RAM on quad core models
T440s/T450(s)/T460(s)/T470(s) - ultraportables, good battery life
T440p/540p; W540/1 - Last ThinkPads with socketed processors, easily replaceable trackpad (W541 doesn't need trackpad replacement)
T480 - last "real" ThinkPad, battery bridge system, excellent performance/battery life, getting cheaper

Upgraded models:
X210 - X200/X201, i5-8250U quad core
X62/X63 - X61, i5-5250U
T70 - T60, i7-7700HQ
IPS displays, USB 3.0, M.2 x4, MiniDP, no dock

BIOS replacement:
Most models from xx30 series and older, X131e, X1 Carbon (1st Gen) & T440p

Additional resources:

UEFI patches:

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