The English are crying.

1 Name: SFBEkills 2021-07-12 21:06
The English are crying and asking for the rules of football to change because of Chiellini last night lmao. Is this the single most embarrassing, petulant, seething and coping reaction to a loss in sporting history?

(the last post in the image is just to laugh at the hypocrisy lol)
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:07
meh they're right, what chiellini did is stronger than a yellow card, he literally yanked him by the neck just to stop him
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:07
like 20 people on reddit
"the english are..."
4 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:07
what chiellini did is stronger than a yellow card
He tugged his shirt lol
It happens a thousand times every match.
5 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:07
thats old school football stop being a giant pussy
6 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:08
this saddens me, which is why I support this petition for a rematch
imagine the sheer asshurt if ingerlanders lost twice kek
7 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:08
Lmaoing at all the bongs talking about how final the results of the semi was.
8 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:08
Had Saka actually been through on goal, it would have been a red.
It's a yellow from where it is though.
9 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:09
Are we getting one of these for every game now? Off the top of my head England Colombia, England Denmark and Francis Switzerland all had one too
10 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:09
Is this the single most embarrassing, petulant, seething and coping reaction to a loss in sporting history?
Did you see Conor McGregor literally 12 hours earlier?
11 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:09
Englels are so fucking delicate lmao
12 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:10
Pretty sure it's just a joke response to the Denmark one
13 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:10
I still think the way Vancouver reacted to losing the Stanley Cup was worse since they actually started a riot and breaking shit.
14 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:10
Daily reminder that England didn't even earn its place in the final
15 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:11
Or the Denmark loss earlier in the week
16 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:11
The thing is that even WITH all the cheating, diving and dirty Italian tactics they STILL couldn't score a second and had to win it on penalties. Kind of pathetic desu.
17 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:11
Yeah it was crazy how the Irish started saying that breaking your own ankle should be an automatic win and the rules of UFC needed to be changed. oh wait lmao
18 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:12
it's just a parody bro, just a lil bit of bantuh
19 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:12
You think they're actually expecting the final to be replayed?
20 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:12
Conor has been literally calling it a fake win all week
21 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:12
It is pretty retarded what you can get away with in football compared to proper sports like rugby.
22 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:13
I guess the English attitude of petulant bitching and whining and not accepting defeat rubbed off on the Irish
23 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:13
It's funny to think we played rougher games of football in primary school
These players earn millions to prance around on the pitch crying pathetically for the ref to give them a free go
What an embarrassing sport
24 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:13
There's no need for a rematch because, despite your blatant cheating, it actually had no outcome on the match. Which is even more pathetic when you think about it. You couldn't even cheat properly lmao. Imagine cheating your heart out and we STILL hold you to penalties.
25 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:13
There's something great about winning it all with a dirty play here or there, while roughing up the opponents. This is the norm in my leaf sport. Makes winning extra sweet to be honest desu
26 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:13
Why don't they talk about that disgusting animal Sterling?
He deserved 6 yellow cards, by the rules as they are right now, not as they are in the deranged fantasies of sore losers
4 absolutely shameless dives and 2 criminal fouls on Jorginho and Chiesa, both of which ended up in injuries
That abhorrent disgusting piece of shit should have been kicked off the field
Perfidious Albion as always, I'm happy he lost two finals in less than two months
27 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:14
reddit screenshots
twitter thread
Fucking yikes
28 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:14
Bunch of fucking Reddit opinions and tweets is that really all /sports/ has?
What happened to the shit storm you all promised if we lost this is pathetic
29 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:14
That abhorrent disgusting piece of shit should have been kicked off the field
Are you talking about Jorginho's studs-up foul on Grealish that should have been a red and then he faked injury to make out he'd done nothing wrong?
30 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-12 21:14
Honestly English people are just fucking dumb. We think shit like 'sportsmanship' and 'morality' matter like it's the playing fields of Eton and it's still the 19th century. We praise idiots like Lineker as the 'good guy'. When it doesn't matter one bit. We should just cheat and play dirty as fuck and just own it. Everyone hates us anyway might as well just go the Italian route and become even dirtier than the dirtiest. Just start necking players, breaking shins, stomping on heads. Just go full villain mode.
31 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-13 20:57
Niggers playing the race card again.
32 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-14 19:27
Some 12 year old said the n-word online and the BLM and the racist anti-racist are out in full force tonight.

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