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Spennymoor Town vs Sunderland [Pre-season friendly]

159 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 16:50
It's healthy as fuck though.

If you work out and have an active lifestyle, which you should anyway.

I'm not talking about the shitty ready-made pies from Tesco, I'm talking about making your own or eating them at good restaurants. It's not processed food, there's few but good ingredients and nutritionally speaking it's better than pasta frankly.

I still prefer a well made Amatriciana of course, but real English food is underrated because of the horrible way they cook it. If they took the time to actually apply the basics of cuisine to it people would realize it is not that bad.

For fuck sake hipsters began to love failipino food which is literally broths with fish oil that tastes like feet shoved in it, just because of vloggers.

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