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Spennymoor Town vs Sunderland [Pre-season friendly]

1 Name: 606 2021-07-03 14:18
Spennymoor Town vs Sunderland [15:00 BST]

The Black Cats head to Brewery Field for their first pre-season friendly ahead of the 2021/22 League One season.

Today's game – which will be divided into three 30-minute periods – will give Lee Johnson a first glimpse of his squad in a matchday environment after returning from their summer break.

Sunderland are yet to add any new faces to last season's squad, with seven senior players departing at the end of their contract.

Aiden McGeady is the only member of the out of contract quarter - that were offered new deals - to have signed for next season, as Johnson awaits answers from Luke O'Nien, Denver Hume and Charlie Wyke.

Today's game will see the squad take to the field in front of spectators for only the third time since the coronavirus pandemic halted play over a year ago.

There's expected to be over 1,000 home supporters in attendance as Spennymoor gear up for life in the National League North.

SAFC first XI: Burge, Gooch, Wright, Flanagan, Diamond, Neil, Embleton, Winchester, Grigg, Stewart, O'Brien

Substitutes: Patterson, Kachosa, Almond, Jessup, Dyce, Wilding, Wearne, Sohna, Taylor, Harris, Hawkes, Dunne, Newall, Scott.

Spennymoor Town:


Match Radio:
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:21
Aiden McGeady, What's with all the praise? He's a typical league two player with no technique, he played against the worst league one players and all he did was dive, I really don't understand the praise.
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:22
he was pretty good compared to his teammates
4 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:23
Everything insignificant gets a huge reaction nowadays. Social media is even worse than the actual media.
5 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:24
this nibba probably super rich anyway. give it to me i'll put that shit into XRP
6 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:25
Was it maybe all a ruse by her Dad to get some money?

cry on camera
be female
receive 20k pounds
7 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:26
And will be sent to her after 19,500k are deducted and sent to Israel as holocaust reparations
8 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:27
How many sausage rolls from greggs could you get for 20k lads
9 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:28
lel who is donating to this thing? social media and smart phones were a massive mistake
10 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:29
11 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:30
be english
make a little girl cry
your government gives her £20000
12 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:31
Getting a bit tired of /sports/ hating on us women all the time
Grow up children
13 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:32
14 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:33

wtf its actually 24k, holy shit, they wont shut it down any time soon, this is ludicrous
15 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:34
Protip: internet is worldwide. That explains the sum. Also, fuck off with the baiting thread.
16 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:35
We're hating on a little girl, not a woman, so the joke's on you. Idiot.
17 Name: SFBEkills 2021-07-03 14:36
Has there ever been a case of /sports/ getting so viciously BTFO?
I can still remember the threads laughing and mocking her after the game. Never has the BTFO felt this real though.
18 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:37
A fool and his money are soon parted
There is no way any of that money is going to that girl or her family, the guy that made the fundraiser will keep it all and nothing will happen to him
19 Name: 606 2021-07-03 14:38
Spennymoor team.

Moors: Trialist A, Magnay, Curtis, Trialist B, Moke, Anderson, Abbott, McLean, Lufudu, Taylor, Ramshaw

Subs: Trialist C, Kennedy, Chandler, Hall, Thompson, Mulhern, Hindson, Carter
20 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:39
tears sells, white girl tears sells a lot.
plus shes genuinely sad stop being such a cunt
21 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:40
Thanks a lot! Can I give you my PayPal or do you need an IBAN?
22 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:41
how is it btfo? liberals will give money to anything if they think they are winning on the social justice front.
you should've seen the cope across facebook and twitter and places like that. non-football fans in their mid-class / upper-class priveleged seats only watching the game because it's a big event like euros/worldcup and never watch a game of footie otherwise being out-raged over usual football-fab on-goings.absolutely fuckin pathetic.
23 Name: SFBEkills 2021-07-03 14:42
You’re absolutely deluded if you don’t think this is a Btfo. Or you weren’t here on that match day
24 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:43
i bet these people don't give a cent to hobos to feed their dog
25 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:44
what if everyone on /sports/ donated 10 dollars to a person every month
26 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:45
The little girl still cried, the mocking was still real and continues to this day, the Germans still lost and now some soft faggots are out-of-pocket because they've gave their own money away.
I think we know who the real winners are here
27 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:46
Everyone who made fun of a little girl is scum, but why the fuck would you give her money? This is the whitest shit ever: oh we did something wrong THROW MONEY AT IT. Maybe hold your own fans accountable so it doesn't happen again.
28 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:47
Social media really is mental illness. 20 years ago this would have been flashed up in the pub, everyone would have had a good cheer, then we'd all get on with our lives.

Instead you've got every fucking lefty faggot on twitter that's never been to a football game, climbing on the Anti English bandwagon, because they're still fucking butthurt about Brexit, and think the rest of Europe is some handholding utopia. Then they do the next easiest thing to make themselves feel better and throw some money at the problem.
29 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:48
Thats bullshit they've won a championship within that girls life. Where are my reparations for a lifetime of sadness? My dad was 6 the last time the browns won anything
30 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:49
I love how the internet is great at cucking retards out of their money for stupid shit like this.
31 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:50
If you check twitter comments even the woke crowd are turning against her now.
They admitted they can't find her with people pointing out how creepy it is and will most likely refund the money or spend the money on other things while I sit back and enjoy the shit show lmao
32 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:51
yesterday i was in the supermarket
a little kid picked up a kinder surprise egg and wanted to put it on the conveyor
the mom said no and despite that he put it on anyway
mom removed it

little fucker threw a tantrum worse than the child in OPs >>4 link

where is his fundraiser?
33 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:52
I swear we've seen crying children at every single international tournament I can remember, why are people even arsed? I don't get it. Also she's like 7, people laughing at her on the internet is completely irrelevant unless she has disabled parents who walk up to her and show her people's posts about her. Why send someone money for being upset in the first place, it's just chucking money at something for the sake of "doing your bit", and in this case it was something of absolutely no consequence anyway. God, people make me miserable.
34 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:53
This girl will understand that she raised 25k by doing nothing on camera, she will 100% become a hot tub twitch thot in 10 years.
You bongs are thot enablers.
35 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:54
Cos you stupid pakis couldn't contain your noncery and started calling her a slut and a slag. If you had left it at normal banter it wouldn't been a big deal.
36 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:55
I'm neither a Pakistani nor have I ever posted about her online before that post, but even so what difference does that make? Everything I said in my 1st comment still applies.
37 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:56
The funniest part?
Black men were the ones thot patrolling.
38 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:57
Why are niggers so ISIS when it comes to sport
39 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:58
Great no everyone will bring their kids to cash in on a potential loss.
40 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:58
Not answering your questions if you continue to use racial slurs. Do better.
41 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 14:59
The thing that fucks me off about this is that the gofundme is a giga virtue signal


like fuckinghell, kids cry all the time. this is honestly a political thing that peoples hijacked. when they donate 10 GBP or whatever the average donation is, people arent thinking 'she can buy something nice to make her feel better'. Theyre thinking "GET FUCKED 1% OF ENGLAND FANS THAT TOOK SADISTIC PLEASURE FROM THIS"

honestly retarded.
42 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:00
No Sunderland fans allowed in the ground.
43 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:00
Spennymoor Town's first home game in 461 days.
44 Name: 606 2021-07-03 15:01
kick off
45 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:01
did the fuckers take the knee again?
46 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:03
still 0-0 after 2 mins blundwerlAND
47 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:03
I don't really rate schizo shit posters as genuine posters
48 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:04
Why is it that whenever we beat a team they get retconned into being shit?
49 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:05
footballer retires at 35 and turns into a bloated alcoholic mess
50 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:06
Durham on air radio Absolute cringe keeps going to music and losing the match.
51 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:07
I'm OK for everyone winning this
52 Name: SFBEkills 2021-07-03 15:08
This confirms... right wing Nazis are just as soi as left wing anti Nazis.
53 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:09
54 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:10
55 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:11
Everybody knows Slough's the worst place in all of England, even worse than Milton Keynes, Luton or that place Ali G comes from
56 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:12
But how do we blame this on the Tories and leaving the EU?
57 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:13
Leaving the EU reduced our money (it didn't) and Tories should have spotted this.
58 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:14
the tractor shaggers?
59 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:15
60 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:16
free kick
61 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:17
sunderland aren't going to win.
62 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:18
fuck this shit im off to bed
63 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:19
Typing with that shitty accent for attention
Trying this hard to escape from under England's boot
Heel boy! HEEL!!
64 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:20
65 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:21
ah yes
66 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:22
67 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:23
Social media has turned people into complete idiots.
68 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:24
23 mins
goal kick
69 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:25
this is a shit match
70 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:26
Gooch off the post
71 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:27
it's summer
go outside
girls in shorts everywhere
most of them have pale fattish legs and ugly asses
mostly no tits and veeeery average faces
log into instagram
everyone looks like holywood actress
72 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:28
Don't really understand all the stick for English lasses. Anyone who's lived here for a bit knows that the ugly bint-ish ones are a minority of working class (and usually Irish descendants, btw).
73 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:29
Spenny 0-1 Sunderland Aiden O'Brien
74 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:29
wait sunderland scored a goal, that radio guy is shit or he missed it.
75 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:30
How come this girl looks asian
76 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:31
If you're in an upmarket area or a beachfront Uni city, genuinely stunningly beautiful women outnumber the dirty looking women you associate with the UK 3:1.

A night out in Bristol's third most popular night club obviously isn't going to get you all that.
77 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:32
England are genuinely going to get to a final by playing Ukraine and Czech Republic, whilst playing out of 7 games at home whilst no one else plays more than 3

how big would the asteriks next to the title be?
78 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:33
Portugal played the following on their way to winning Euro 2016:
That's one A List team and a bunch of B and C Listers. Sometimes the draw is just more favourable to you.
79 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:33
Diamond cut down.
80 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:34
It's not fair that France won in 84 because they played every game at home
81 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:35
France had to travel to different stadiums all over France, the other NTs had bases between games because the competition was happening in the same country. this Euro, no NT has been as helped as england desu logistic wise.
82 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:35
83 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:36
CRO (FIFA rank 14)
SCO (44)
CZE (40)
GER (12)
UKR (24)
DEN/CZE (10/40)
ITA/ESP (7/6)

for reference, ENG (rank 4)

It's not exactly the hardest draw ever, but it's not like they can control whom they play against.
84 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:36
This commentator speaks fast as fuck!
85 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:37
when you take part in every tournament you're bound to get an easy path sooner or later, you still have to capitalize on it
86 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:38
Will Grigg can't even score against Spennymoor Town, fucking shite.
87 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:39
England will lose against Croatia
England will lose against Scotland
England will lose against Czech Republic
England will lose against Germany
England will lose against Ukraine
England will lose against Denmark
England will lose against Italy
E-even if they win it doesn't count (You are here)
88 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:40
You misunderstand. I'm not discounting English success here. Whether or not they go all the way, the only asterisk will be:

Euro 2020*
* played in 2021
89 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:41
Germany are now are humble minnow team
Reminds me of some casual saying Ferguson's Aberdeen side only beat Buyern and Real Madrid because they aren't big teams
90 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:42
portugal are goat and the reason the left side of the bracket was tough and germany can barely kick a ball

(just ignore germany smashing portugal)
91 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:43
let's forget the part where they beat Germany and last year's World Cup finalists, because.... reasons!

look at the shit France beat in 98

South Africa
Saudi Arabia
92 Name: SFBEkills 2021-07-03 15:43
someone slightly criticises England
lel seethe more

This is why everyone roots against England. You let yourselves become arrogant and dismissive of any type of criticism. You lost to Iceland before which was a 'sure win' for you, yet you refuse to even acknowledge the idea of losing to Ukraine or even Spain/Italy.
I'm sure most will play it off as a joke, but dismissing anyones opinion on your teams chances or their performances is childish.
93 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:45
maybe because our team in 2016 was utter shite barring a few players, whereas we now have a genuinely first class side... which has been proven with the results we've gotten. the 2016 side would have lost 4-0 to that German side, they would have lost to Croatia as well.

like it or not, we are the new Germany.... efficient, results orientated, penalty shoot-out specialists (won the last two).

it's over for the ABE
94 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:46

This list is nowhere near complete btw. Their Rugby side is 50x worse.
95 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:47
Not as big as the asterisks it will get if Spain wins the Euro after making it to the semis literally out of dumb luck.
96 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:48
True, this team is a lot better, or at least gets better results. Haven't watched them play much. But why get so ahead of yourselves? There's still 3 matches to play before you win the Euros, and anything can happen in football. Will you still be as confident if you go to penalties with Ukraine? Or have to wait until the last minute in extra time to win in the semi final?
97 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:49
all this hating on Scots
It's a fascinating language, with a lot of Germanic aspects that we've lost in English. It's like middle English with added quirks and foibles, and it's a real shame to see all the knuckle-draggers coming out to complain about it.
98 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:50
45+4 mins.
99 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:51
The bracket is this way because Spain choked their group and Netherlands choked their ro16. If favourites had won, the likely path for england to the final would be: Germany(ro16), Spain(QF), Netherlands/Denmark(SF). Not Englands fault if others choke, gifting them an easier bracket on paper. The stadium thing is a bit stupid ngl, we all know uefa is retarded
100 Name: Anonymous 2021-07-03 15:52
still poop

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