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Czech Republic v England [EURO 2020]

77 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-22 19:58
I'm not agreeing with you. I'm saying it is Southgate's fault because he hasn't sat down with the team and gone
Stop passing backwards, stop passing sideways, be active, move around, make openings, pass forward, look for the pass, play into the space
None of that happens because 'must retain possession, must wait for an opening, must pull players out of position but never do because they realise they're under no threat while we crab pass'. This isn't a case of, lets use an easy example, of Arsenal, where Arsenal clearly folllow Arteta's plan but have lost dozens of points due ot individual fuckups... or Liverpool being fucked by VAR this season. This is a case of players doing what their manager clearly wants because if it wasn't Southgate would have said it isn't what he wants and he would try to change it. But that hasn't been the case. England have won 1-0 et al because they have a better team and Southgate seems happy with that but when it comes against top teams that won't happen. Even if it did, it wouldn't do it multiple games in a row. So yes, it is Southgate's fault. Otherwise why is our 'greatest attacking generation' not fucking attacking? Why is Kane essentially in midfield for England? Why hasn't he been played with a striker like he does at Spurs?

Because Southgate is doing what he does. This is 'Put Kane taking corners' level shit. If players constantly back pass against his orders (which is what you're essentially saying here) then they should be dropped. Instead they seem to be rewarded with constant game time despite clearly being shit (Sterling, Rashford, Sancho, Henderson etc).

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