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England v Croatia [EURO 2020]

71 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-13 14:21
Yes most england fans think he is retarded
72 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-13 14:22
Trippier can be a decent set piece taker, not sure if I'd rather have Trippier/Chillwell rather than Walker though
75 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-13 14:23
Trippier is quality but he's a rightback
The other 2 are shitters barely midtable PL tier
112 Name: Anonymous 2021-06-13 14:36
inb4 muh reverse racism
I don’t want the /newpol answer, genuinely curious if anyone rates those three
reverse racism doesn't exist, its just racism. southgate has openly says he wants to pick a diverse team, and continues to leave better white players on the bench for shit black ones

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