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European Super League

5 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-19 18:23
Just had a serious moment of insight... something I realised... bear with me here

Religion in Europe has bottomed out, attendance is virtually non-existent
many European men are incels who can’t compete with immigrants in the sexual marketplace (hence the rise of far right “ultranationalism” parties and resentful racism)
countries no longer have prestigious imperial empires
no longer producing great works of art or culture by geniuses like Locke, Goethe, Baudelaire, Wagner or Beethoven
many are atomised and isolated from their communities, few social bonds
have completely redirected all their denied libidinal impulses into sports and identifying personally with sports franchises
are experiencing psychological devastation due to simple business transaction because they feel betrayed despite not owning a stake in the franchises or industry beyond simply watching a game for entertainment

Anyone else notice this puerile and entitled behaviour? It’s so transparent.... I’m worried some Europeans may actually commit suicide over this. I mean I’m not exactly sorry for them since... you know... colonialism and imperialism... but it is interesting from a sociological viewpoint.

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