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Who is your favorite wrestler?

30 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:46
Well, part of that story comes from Jake Roberts (and HTM and Jake the Snake hate each other, both talk a grip of shit about each other), so it's hard to say. HTM admits to trademarking shit, but he has his own version of why he did it. If you listen to his shoot interviews, he's unabashedly an asshole, so I wouldn't doubt it. As for living in a mansion, though... not really, unless he has a second house I'm unaware of. He lives in the Phx Metro area in a place where I used to work by. The houses there are nice, but they are not mansions. Just a nice, newer subdivision. I think his house would appraise for around $430k, which isn't a shit hole, but it's just a nice newer house in this area. Without doxing him (though the info is online).

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