Who is your favorite wrestler?

1 Name: Pro wrestling thread 2020-08-02 15:56
Me, Arn Anderson!
2 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 15:58
3 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 16:01
Family Guy, Chris Benoit.......!
4 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 16:02
Cocaine Del rio
5 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 16:09
As great as he is I also find them a bit boring
6 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 16:16
Katsuyori Shibata & Eddie Guerrero
7 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 16:17
Alex Wright FOREVER!!!!
8 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 16:35
take out some of that shit in your mouth so I can hear you clearly anon
9 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 16:43
Watch out for the big wiggle!!! Norman Smiley.....
10 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 16:50
The Honky Tonk Man

The greatest Intercontinental Champion (and heel) of all time.

(Seriously, guy wasn't much of a wrestler to watch but was the consummate heel and I love his shoot interviews and how he shits all over everybody).
11 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 16:56
Mick Foley, for sheer entertainment value.
12 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:07
that's right anon. Old school legends beat any of these wrestling faggots we have now.

Best tag team champions EVER!!!

13 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:14
Tfw the kid doesn't tap out
14 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:22
Can't have Arn without the NATURE BOY! The stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' and dealin' son of a gun. WOOOOOOO!
15 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:41
Money Inc mofos.

Bow down to legends
16 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:45
Ric Flare for the WHOOOOOOOO's or Scott Steiner for his hilarious promos.

Nature Boy is a legend. I enjoyed him when he was young. I cringed when used to wrestle HHH because we obviously knew there was no way he could beat him in real life.

However, I have always respected him.
17 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:47
The Dingo Warrior. Who ultimately grew his hair out and moved to the WWF
18 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:49
Yeah, Flair's matches are pretty repetitive (mostly the same gimimicks over and over again, sometimes not even changed up as far as the order they appear in the match). He's definitely got an insanely entertaining persona, though I'm pretty sure he's a madman outside of the ring too and a real piece of shit to be around.
19 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:52
I know people will hate it (a lot of guys say he's a back-stabber and he's got a shit personality and is a pretty boring worker as far as his technical performance in the ring goes), but the Hulkster still gets huge pops to this day and his match against the Rock in WM 18 shows just how over he will always be with the fans despite his fuck ups and the fact he's an old man now.

What you gonna do, Brotha, when Hulk Hogan and all the Hulkamaniacs run wild on you!?

nWo FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
20 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:55
P.S. I forgot to say, Hogan's heel turn in WCW was one of the best ever. It was so much fun to hate him after he had been the consummate baby face for all those years. He made a great bad guy, especially because a lot of the fans still wanted him to turn back to being a baby face.
21 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 17:58
Got to include the MADNESS in this thread. Amazing persona (in and out of the ring), some of the best promos and public appearances in the business, and a really good worker too. The drama with Miss Elizabeth was cheesy but was classic 80's wrestling schtick and the Mega Powers stuff was unforgettable.
22 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:00
I used to love watching him when I was young. Unfortunately like Arnold, Stallone and the rest of the action heroes back in the days, age catches up to them.
23 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:02
Any Juventud Guerrera fans? I used to watch him back in the days on WCW, He was very entertaining with all those flips in every match.
24 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:07
Yeah, I was a huge mark for Hogan in the 80's and was pissed off he turned heel during the 90's because I liked his "say your prayers and take your vitamins" wholesome b.s. (even though it was obvious he was doping just like the rest of them were)... but yeah, it was pretty tough to see how he could barely raise up his leg to give Rock the big boot back in WM 18 and that almost 20 years ago. Considering the beating his body has taken over the years, I'm amazed the guy can even walk. I still find it impressive the amount of pop he gets when he makes an appearance even after all this time and some of the hits his persona has taken in the recent decades.

People shit all over him (sometimes deservedly), but nobody else would get an ovation like this. Apparently the footage was cut down because the ovation kept going (same thing happened during the Raw appearance he made following WM18):
25 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:09
One of my favorite heels, besides HTM, was Steven Regal. Absolutely loved how he could do so much with so little. He'd be wrestling some nobody, in an undesirable time spot, but he was such a good heel he could still get the crowd into it and hating on him with just some arrogant looks. His WCW theme was my favorite too. Love when he took Goldberg apart and showed Goldberg to be a sham who couldn'jt work.
26 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:27
Apparently he was a internet tough guy in real life he would beat people up love hearing stories of wrestlers and the shit they got up to
27 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:30
I hear he use to trade mark wrestlers names and charged them to use there names he seems like a dick head. Hear he lives in a mansion some place
28 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:35
Steroids the wonder drug.just when you thought the.crippler crossface to your child was inappropriate.remember that he did with a bible by his side.Oh Canada!!!
29 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:39
He was a good wrestler and had that tough guy personal people liked but his promo skills were bad dunno why back then wwe use to so promos live why not film it and show it
30 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:46
Well, part of that story comes from Jake Roberts (and HTM and Jake the Snake hate each other, both talk a grip of shit about each other), so it's hard to say. HTM admits to trademarking shit, but he has his own version of why he did it. If you listen to his shoot interviews, he's unabashedly an asshole, so I wouldn't doubt it. As for living in a mansion, though... not really, unless he has a second house I'm unaware of. He lives in the Phx Metro area in a place where I used to work by. The houses there are nice, but they are not mansions. Just a nice, newer subdivision. I think his house would appraise for around $430k, which isn't a shit hole, but it's just a nice newer house in this area. Without doxing him (though the info is online).
31 Name: Anonymous 2020-08-02 18:50
Speaking of the Nature Boy, this has got to be one of the funniest things I've seen from one of the "new" wrestlers. I don't know anything about Jay Lethal, but I found this hilarious, especially when the two of them are going back and forth with each other. Peak Flair. WOOOOOO!

That was it. He was tough, a veteran, a good teacher, technical wrestler, and a bodybuilder type. Above all, he had experience. That's why people who are just starting but similar, like Bobby Lashley, don't make it far.

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