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Fleetwood Town vs Sunderland [League One]

1 Name: 606 2019-04-30 18:44
Fleetwood Town vs Sunderland

The Black Cats must win tonight if they are to stand any chance of making the top two in League One.

It's a slim chance, but it's still possible. Regardless, they need a win to help boost their form heading into the play-offs, while a third-placed finish will see a two-legged semi-final with the sixth placed side. But Joey Barton's Fleetwood won't make it easy for them.

Jack Ross may have to make some changes tonight depending on injuries, with his squad carrying a few knocks at this late stage of the season.

It ended 1-1 in the reverse fixture at the Stadium of Light, but that was only half the story of an eventful game which saw a penalty saved and some heroics at the end from the Fleetwood keeper...


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