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Wycombe Wanderers vs Sunderland AFC [League One]

181 Name: Anonymous 2019-03-09 20:22
"Probably" was the wrong word to use in that post since it implies that I think he was most likely innocent (when it's closer to 50/50 or more likely that he was a nonce). But parents telling their kids to claim MJ abused them would be a relatively easy way for them to get a lot of money, especially when MJ was doing things that would be suspicious if he were a normal adult (sleeping in a room with a bunch of kids). However if it was a kid sleeping in a room with other kids, it wouldn't be suspicious and most people accept that MJ had the mentality of a child.

Either way, it's pointless bringing it up now since he's dead so it's not like he can get punished for it.

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