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Sunderland AFC vs Newcastle United U21 [EFL Trophy]

121 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:19
Is that Kimpioka guy playing?
122 Name: NUFC 2019-01-08 21:20
How do people from Sunderland cope? Newcastle is so nice and Sunderland is such a shithole but people from Sunderland have to pretend like they think it is better than Newcastle.
123 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:21
Are you implying Newcastle is any better? and not a shit hole full of Spice heads, niggers and muslim rape gangs and the whole of the west end.
124 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:22
imagine Yellow Vest times 1000 if you start some serious shit in the West

your nigger religion can rule arabian desert, Europe will give you painful lesson within next 15 years
125 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:23
Newcastle is so nice

No it fucking isn't
126 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:24
Islam is the only thing that can save the west
127 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:24
Trump isn't that bad
128 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:25
Why are the dirty mags putting their B squad into this mickey mouse cup? Is Rafa that desperate for a title?
129 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:26
I'm 3% Jewish
130 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:26
politics is just bickering over abstract rubbish, the government is mostly pretty weak and ineffective at accomplishing almost anything. they like to pretend they are a lot more powerful and relevant than they really are, they are terrified that people will see through it all and realise that the government are just a bunch of retards organised in a pyramidal structure who just want a nice pension

christian anarchism is the truth
131 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:27
James kicking the ball kek!
132 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:28
politics is just bickering over abstract rubbish
again proving yourself to be a brainlet

From the moment you are born (or if you are even allowed to be born) your entire life is shaped and influenced by the political structure of your society.

What sort of education you receive, what sort of healthcare you receive, what values you are taught are all due to political influences.
133 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:28
134 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:28
Kimpioka just scored!
135 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:29
I honestly wouldn't mind Idris Elba as the next bond if they didn't aggressively try and meme it into existence for fucking years.
136 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:30
can't really decide if Kimpioka is going to be a success or flop
137 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:31
What sort of education you receive, what sort of healthcare you receive, what values you are taught are all due to political influences.
no, they are due to my parents and my family, were you raised in a foster home?
138 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:32
And how are their decisions influenced?
139 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:33
Stop reading newspapers. Freedom of press was a mistake, all they do is print lies and bullshit, and this at best.
140 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:34
You can tell that they have no striker that makes movement in the box.
141 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:35
This game is utter, utter shite.

Football seems to get progressively boring the older you get. I'm 25 and feel like I'm hanging on by a thread right now to interest in most games. Spend most of the game looking at phone.
142 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:35
Full time guys, time to leave now.......
143 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:36
It's just a game.
144 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:37
what are they chanting, again?
145 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:38
I just feel everything slipping by. All my friends have their lives sorted out but i'm still a bit of a mess when it comes to relationships and goals i want to achieve. I just don't really know what i want out of life yet and i'm feeling pressured to look for it.
146 Name: Richard Branson 2019-01-08 21:39
How do we get Sky to lose the League Cup lads?
They've already lost everything else.

I want them to die.
147 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:40
I'm getting rid of Sky when my contract is up. I took a price cut last time but I regret it. I don't like cups except for the Champions League. I don't like internationals. And Sky has no fucking prem games anymore.absolute waste of money. Couple of seasons ago I watched 6 games a weekend. Now I watch 1 a fortnight. Better off going pub. My local has Sky now and I'm single, so I'll just become one of those old men who spend the day in there.
148 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:41
I don't like how Sunderland players seem too have lost their cool already when there is still 10 minutes to play.
149 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:42
paying to watch football
150 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:43
Sunderland fans thinking they're not deluded
You cunts are just as bad as the Geordies.
151 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:44
Had Spurs, Sunderland and Accrington to win
Accrington unironically blew a 2-0 lead at home and are losing 2-4

152 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:45
This team has been mentally weak for a while
153 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:47
What brought everyone to 4ct? I came for the memes and LE EPIC TROLLING, but stayed because of the lack of meaningful social interactions i have in real life.
154 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:49
Can't help but notice the vast majority of posts in this thread don't have full stops.
Makes me think less of all of you in a way.
155 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:50
Why is every white kid from the Newcastle academy a baldy little goblin?
156 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:52
We've seen you cry on Netflix.
157 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:54
Some serious pre-emptive damage control here
158 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:56
WAS it a derby or wasn’t it?
159 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:57
160 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 21:59
That was an alright couple of hours, back to perpetual misery.
161 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 22:02
Come back Peter Beardsley. ;_;
162 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 22:11
going to subway

what should I order?
163 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 22:15
Footlong roast beef on Italian herbs and cheese with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, jalapenos and mozzarella. Salt and pepper and a tiny bit of garlic sauce
164 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 22:22
just remembered local subway totally suck because of Venezuelan migrants. they can't even make a sandwich, subway still pays, at least until they find out they shit on the food.
165 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-08 22:29
Game attendant 16,654.
166 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-09 02:27
why don't they sign defenders?
167 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-10 18:50
168 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-10 19:53
169 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-10 19:57
Sunderland have made a bid of £200,000 for Will Grigg
170 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-10 20:03
wow, ambitious, Sunderland either fuck up or expose every forward they buy.

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