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Sunderland vs Celtic [Pre-Season Friendly]

100 Name: Anonymous 2017-07-30 23:33
Darron Gibson Sunderland are fucking shit.


Gibson: ’I know you’re not being personal, I’ll answer you. We’re fucking shitt.

Fan: ‘Are you bothered about it though?’

Gibson: ‘Of course I am.

Fan: ‘You don’t seem to be.

Gibson: ‘I don’t want to be bothered… that we’re shit. There are too many people at the club who don’t give a fuck.

Fan: ‘Such as?

Gibson: ‘Do you want me to say? You tell me who is not committed to the club.

Fan: ‘Kone?

Gibson: ‘Right, there’s one. Next one.

Fan: ‘Jeremain Lens?

Gibson: ‘Next one.

Fan: ‘Wahbi Khazri?

Gibson: ‘Next one.

Fan: ‘You? Howay Darron, you’re off your fucking face in here.

Gibson: ‘Right, I might be off my face in here, but I still want to play for Sunderland. The rest of them fucking don’t though.

Fan: ‘You lot have been absolutely spanked off Celtic today, Sunderland has been smashed up and you’re in here off your face - that looks good for the club doesn’t it?

Gibson (shrugs shoulders): ‘Do whatever you want pal, I’m not arsed.

Fan: ‘You’re not my pal.

Gibson: ‘I understand what you’re saying. But what I’m saying is, fucking… Jesus. Say whatever you want.

Fan: ‘I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke up your arse, you’re sitting here fucking pissed out of your head. It doesn’t look good.

Gibson: ‘Pissed out of their head, who’s been pissed out of their head?

Fan: ‘You.

Gibson: ‘Now?

Fan: ‘Of course you are.

Gibson: ‘Are you pissed out of your head?

Fan: ‘Not me mate.

Gibson: ‘Am I pissed out of my head? No I’m not.

Fan: ‘Aye. You’ve just been doing doggies for 90 minutes.

Gibson: ‘Doing doggies for 90 minutes? Where?

Fan: ‘Around Celtic.

Gibson: ‘Around Celtic? I came on for 15 minutes. Get him up here.

Fan: ‘Why?

Gibson: “Because I’ve not been doing doggies for 90 minutes. I’ll punch his fucking head in.

Female fan: ‘Calm down.

Fan: ‘What he’s saying is, we’ve been spanked 5-0 and you don’t seem too bothered.

Gibson: ‘How does he know I’m not too bothered.

Fan: ‘You don’t look bothered, that’s all.

Female fan: ‘Are you on your way?

Gibson: ‘On my way where?

Female fan: ‘The loo.

Gibson: ‘Stay there, see what happens.

Female fan: ‘You what?

Fan: ‘What’s going to happen?

Female fan: ‘Just go on your way.

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