Charles Lieber and nano-assemblers

1 Name: Anonymous 2020-11-21 13:10
what kind of shit did he work with?
That top of line stuff, China didn't just pay for vaporware.

Btw, the easiest way to distribute nanonassemblers to NPCs is injection.
2 Name: Anonymous 2020-12-21 10:13
Also one of Modernas cofounders is a MIT scientist named Robert Langer who was funded by Bill Gates to develop his quantum tattoo that could be used for digital ID/vaccine tracking. He is one of the worlds top scientists with over 1000 patents. He collaborated with Harvards Charles Lieber on some nano technology work. One of Liebers inventions is nanowires which can penetrate cells and report on cell health to an external health monitoring device. Modernas vaccine will use nanoparticles of some sort. Might it also include nanowires? Could Liebers arrest in January be due to a patent dispute with Moderna /Langer? Again, thats just speculation but all sorts of funny connections stir the imagination.
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-01-03 19:08

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