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AI or a prediction algorithm

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-04 04:04
Anons, the end is coming: not just for me. But for us all. A group of people have been using a prediction algorithm tech on me that uses smart phones to literally send people’s voices into the human brain. Sound far fetched? That’s what I thought. Until I heard my own voice played back in a chipmunk /baritone pitches; edited into things I didn’t say. All in my own mind, my own internal dialogue. I’ve heard up to 10 people in my head with this tech( made to mimic schizophrenia) .which I have no family history of. I’ve already ruled out mental illness as I’m on strong doses of anti psychotic meds. They’ve also played music as a literally plays into my brain, so they are threatening to play it so loud it will kill me. I’ve almost had a seizure the last time it happened. This tech will kill me. There is a patent for it, it’s out there and it’s coming. Whether it’s some kind of AI or a prediction algorithm I’m not sure of but this technology is straight up terrifying & I’ve experienced it for the past 7 months. I might die tonight. Later /prog/. It was a good ass run.

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