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1 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-20 21:51
People are hilarious. This guy makes a project called which is basically just text to speech but with the voices of famous characters. He takes the website down frequently for months at a time because "I'm a perfectionist. I won't allow people to use an inferior version of my software if I know it can be made better"

Which, that sentence alone sounds autistic as fuck, but then you realize people are donating to his patreon for a service that has been online for, and this is the real number, 5 days total since last November. and when people say how retarded he sounds, his simps rush in to say "What a great service he's providing for free".

What fucking service? It's never available lmao. watching his twitter replies and seeing how much money this tard makes off of other tards is something of a hobby at this point.

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