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33 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-02 18:16
Alright you fucking jimmie niggers, listen the fuck up so you can look less stupid next time. here's your class for today. Fried chicken and watermelon will be served AFTER you get the right answers.

Today you learn PEDMAS (or BEDMAS if you are an old fag or can't spell) and I swear to god nigger, you do the shit in this order or so help me imma laugh your dumbass outa here.

P - parentheses or B - Brackets...... Do the shit in these niggas FIRST. If you have parentheses in yo parentheses, you do the shit inside the inside niggas first. All the other PEDMAS rules apply in these subniggas too so pay attention. Solve that shit and put your answer in place of all that shit you just did.

E - Exponents. We call that shit "powers" If you have these little fagget niggas , solve that shit and turn them to the bigger niggers. 2 to the power of 2? nigga, that's 4. Put that answer in it's place.

D - division. Do the math making niggas divide that shit up. Fuck anything around it. Just this dotty minus nigga shit ÷. Put the answer in it's place.

M - multiplication. Nigga I know you thinking minus, but that shit is fuckin WRONG. All the X shit. Do that. If some shit at the end of a thing no longer has a symbol anymore cause you did some brackets or some shit. Nigga by default it's multiply.

A - addition. Nigga I know you know how to add. Don't be totally stupid. Add that shit together an put that answer in it's place.

S - subtraction. Listen nigga, I told you before it's not minus, but now it's time. Minus all the shit that's left.

Congrats nigga, you smarter than every other nigger in this mofugguah.

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