As presented to the jury:

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-18 10:10

Those in (XY) are not in (EXE) of (NET) Performance. Under condition of submitted: (XY)>EXE(Y)-NET(XY-NET[X]); So them in EXE are infact; XX<Y[NET]
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-18 10:34
3 Name: >:( 2021-03-18 10:43
What the fuck is all this gay ass shit
4 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-18 10:58
its analytic philosophy. Its for retards who can't understand written word, therefore cant argue, so they flock to asinine arguments shrouded with a decoder ring
5 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-18 11:17
Drink a beer with me, ya feminist jew.
6 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-18 12:14
looks more like some kind of gay math equation
7 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-18 18:53
This, is how natural logic looks like. Its a holy ghost, not a fundementalist church.
8 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-19 03:00
you're more retarded than OP
9 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-19 06:51
you are state sactioned terfing. please cease and desist or there will be violation of emancipation.
10 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-19 07:13
nigger, I don't know what half the words you just said mean. Get back to drinking by cum
11 Name: Anonymous 2021-03-19 07:21
Zero error. Number 3/4 reporting. There is a comic on isle 14-5. If he rejoins the union; he is committed to me.

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