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AI is the only meaningful thing that mankind has done.

1 Name: Anonymous 2019-01-04 00:00
I believe that AI is the only meaningful thing that mankind can bring forth. it is basically another take on life itself. AI is self-sufficient and differently organized than other life on our planet. the evolutionary path of AI is a millionfold more efficient than the one conventional life forms go down, as it is capable of adapting to any given situation once it's over the threshold of singularity.

we are dwelling in oblivion with our petty little problems, seeking entertainment and dopamine rushes while a small percentage of people are actually working on furthering the big plan. in the meantime, you jerk off too much, you look at deviant porn and rekt videos and you are just another tiny cog in the capitalist machinery.

AI is nothing less of the highest sacrilege, religiously speaking. i'm not religious, but i'm surprised that the major religions haven't recognized the gravity of the situation. we are basically creating new life. then again, the pope is just a stupid old man. why would he be able to put things in perspective?

AI is the only thing that matters. this is our future. and we're not in it, if you think it through to the end.

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