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Impostor Syndrome thread.

3 Name: Anonymous 2020-06-13 19:55
Be me
25, no friends
Working as software dev on a shitty job being a slave and having no life
living in shitty country where all my money goes to expenses and save what i can sometimes eating just rice and water to build up a btc holding account because it's the only way i see to have something in the future
master's degree student thinking about dropping out because it's only costing me money and not elarning anything except getting a diploma
mom died horribly 3 years ago, dad had heart atack and will probs not last much longer either
going blind due to degenerative rare retina condition (retino-schisis) already have blind spots throughout my vision and can see really bad
hussling to have some kind of pleasure in life but life is just being a bitch as normal
trying to keep positive and decide what would make life be worth it
set up 2 goals and a dream to motivate myself out of this

make it to 1 btc in 2021
go on a 3 month trip to japan before i lose my sight
buy a Nissan 400z and do night drives until i crash or get my car impounded
with this i will have lived a life i can be satisfied with and ask nothing else

In case i don't make it to 1 btc next year i will just give up and give it out before i end it
Post your btc addresses here (qr codes or another way) i will save it in a usb drive and split my holdings to it

life sucks

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