Daphne Westbrook.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-25 21:34

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CIA Agents Compromised by Use of Flawed GAN in SIGREDUX Program

It all started with Daphne Westbrook and the software used to create her. That same software's misuse has lead to the fall of Afghanistan and the death of hundreds of informants that had been helping the CIA. The deaths are still ongoing due to the fact that the OSR and CIA still have not discontinued the use of that software (GAN image creation to create fake facebook identities.) The Office of Personnel Management and State Department were hacked only AFTER valid credentials were extracted from captured operatives through torture. The CIA turned around and claimed that the OPM breach caused the loss of agents. It is the other way around. It all started with Daphne Westbrook.

Daphne and Rhona are fake, however John Westbrook was a DIA employee who was falsely suspected of planning to defect to China. The kidnapping story was faked to make it harder for him to be believed by the Chinese. In the process, they revealed many samples of the faked images and gave analysts plenty of data with which to perfect their own fake detection.

2 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-25 21:47
When NVidia demoed StyleGAN in 2017 the DoD freaked out and begged for a refined version of the software. NVidia was happy to oblige.

The U.S. started using the technique to build fake social media identities to surround cover identities with. The images can be picked out at fake and therefore, Russia/China now understand, they can pick out the spy handlers by looking at who is surrounded by fake images of fake people.

Then all they had to do was follow the spy handlers to ID the informants. They dispose of the informants and allow the spy handlers to think they're fine.

In Afghanistan, they did excute the people who were working directly for CIA to pay off Afghan commanders not to leave their posts, which hastened the fall

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