The myth of the system is rigged

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-11-07 17:06
be me grow up in dirt poor northern England town to a dirt poor family
dads an alcoholic and doesn't work mum makes something like 18k a year to raise 2 kids
whilst growing up parents always struggled with money and was always a big problem because of this I always knew I would have to be careful with money when I finally got it
16 leave high school 2 options go to sixth form to get a levels to go uni or immediately start working
not bothered about uni in the slightest even tho its what all my friends are doing find an apprenticeship with a local engineering firm requirements to get in are basically are you able to fucking walk pays like £3.30 an hour but after 2 years go on to £25k so seems worth it.
now that I've got money mum starts charging me rent like £400 a month
whilst doing this somehow still manage to buy a car and pay for insurance
whole time I just save all my money
now be 24
through hard work at my job (I got promoted a lot as I would always do loads of overtime work weekends, do nights when I had to) and saving money I now own 2 houses one of which I rent out and one I live in there nothing fancy but its still pretty good
engineering firm gonna put me through university for free so I will have a degree in engineering
meanwhile all my friends who went to uni rent out shitty apartments are in £37k worth of debt and cry cant get jobs and cry about how it's capitalism fault even though they have degrees in things like journalism and philosophy
You can 100% work hard and get ahead in this life people who say the system is rigged are just lazy and don't want to have to sacrifice things to get ahead

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