Part time jobs in restaurant.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-10-24 13:44
story time. im not a regular 4CT user so excuse me being a fucking normie and not using greentext. english is also my second language so excuse any wierdness in my writing.

been working part time jobs in restaurant over the summer. one of my coworkers there got me a full time scheduled job at a bigger restaurant in a bigger city nearby as a dishwasher. plan is to slowly work myself into the kitchen to work as a chef. yesterday i got into an argument with my coworker who was the "second dishwasher" or so i was told.

so the situation is, i was told he was suppopsed to be a second dishwasher with me, but in reality he is more of a busboy, his dad is also. So he dissapears a LOT out into the bar, leaving me to think hes flakign on me to go fuck around. so i get annoyed that dishes pile up a lot and i have to do everything on my own.

he comes back and almost trips over something that lays on the floor because i hadnt gotten to it yet. he tells me to "fucking get rid of this so i can get through here.

i snap and tell him "it wouldnt be there if you were in here doing your job, shut the hell up"

this opened a huge can of fucking worms i couldnt have expected. me and him talked alone later and he explained to me he is more of a busboy, and not a dishwasher, so i apologize for expecting him to be in there. its all fine, right?

well his dad got super pissy and defensive with me. started threatening me that he was gonna talk to the boss and get my hours reduced and create problems for me. Just because im the new guy im not gonna be scared that a fucking busboy who worked there longer than me tries to intimidate me. told him straight ot his face "fine, talk to the boss, see what he says then. youre not my boss, what are you gonna do"

of course my chef coworkers ovehears this and after the shift is done they all tell me that i shouldnt take that bullshit from him and that theyll be backing me in talking to the bosses aswwell.

feels good that they support me
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-10-24 14:06
Hes going to lie to the boss so get something good on him and just report it to the boss first fuck that lazy nigger. Or just ask the boss if that faggot is suppose to be helping you or not?

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