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The COVID-19 vaccine does not work affectively.

2 Name: Anonymous 2021-08-30 17:33
Oh, and here's a little black pill for ya:
Remember when they said the virus is transmissible between species? Your cats and dogs can become super spreaders even if you're vaccinated. That means we'll have to vaccinate our pets. What about wild animals? I guess we have to vaccinate them or they'll all die - right? According to their logic that's what's going to happen, right?
22 Name: Anonymous 2021-08-30 17:38
More anti-vax faggotry posted without evidence. Go eat more horse paste.
27 Name: Anonymous 2021-08-30 17:39
29 Name: Anonymous 2021-08-30 17:39
More stupid LIES from braindead republicunts.
Go ahead asshole, take horse wormer and inject bleach like a good little shithead.
No one cares what you do moron.
Just DIE for a LIE, no one cares.
33 Name: Anonymous 2021-08-30 17:40
effective you fucking moron

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