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I Studied education in College.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-05-02 14:22
Studied education for 4 years and ultimately my personality is extremely insufficient for teaching, but mostly I'm awake and staring at the ceiling over my intense hate for some parents and the schools
9-year-old girl beaten until CPS finally had her live with her grandmother instead. Always super quiet and almost never smiled
High school senior so FAS-stricken that he couldn't write anything beyond 1 sentence
Girl with high hopes and plans who turned suicidally depressed because of her weakling parents divorcing
Autism kid crying his eyes out at the end of his first day of high school
Endless kids who had no friends and seemed to think one would magically appear (or that it simply was hopeless and they would adapt to that)

There weren't so many stories after all I guess, but the ones that exist are still fucking sad

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