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Indian Covid-19 convenient.

9 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-30 23:34
It didn't. Do some googling. A lot of these side effects were being talked about for weeks, even a couple of months. The new variant only came out a week or two ago at most.

They won't come up with a new variant simply because of one new side effect (certain blood clots) discovered after months of the others being known. That's a massive investment of resources and cash for little gain (everybody already knows the other side effects at this point and are unhappy about them, the new one is just the cherry on top).

Ergo it's not a god damned orchestrated conspiracy. Or what? Were you expecting a second world country with a billion people and a loony nationalist along the lines of the Covid denying Brazilian premier to have enough oxygen and other resources to sort this out? Did you not think that the climate in India is so hot and humid that you'd need to mutate to be very nasty to survive there if you were a virus, in a country where it would still have to compete with equally nasty variants of malaria, dengue fever, and other diseases for habitats, and at least twenty percent of the population were treated like shit and living in sub standard disease ridden conditions to the point that the only reason they're alive is because they've got so many diseases that they're too busy fighting each other to breed and kill the person?

Jesus son.

But no, I expect they're going to keep doing this and assume that people will be put up with it forever, while also saying that they're defeating the disease and thus removing the very excuse they have, right? It's never enoug with you people, is it? It's never enough to say 'this could be used by governments as an opportunity to grab power and piss bills with little scrutiny from the public or media, and some of the more 'useful' lockdown powers could remain afterwards...'.

No. It's orchestrated. It was deliberate. You've finally had an epiphany and realised politicians are bad after you saw the biggest one telling people to physially attach his own deputy on live TV! But not in a human way, where they're incompetent and then take advantage of opportunities that emerge! NO! They're superhuman gods!

That's the thing with people like you who only think in absolutes. Extremes. You go from idolzing people to fearing them as the devil. You're like a crazed fan, only of Donald Trump and now he did the thing he did your trust is shattered. Maybe, I don't know. Or maybe you're black and you're worried about this being an experiment like Tuskeegee or something - remember though; they had a difference; they were secret, this is not.

You don't want the vaccine, fine. But don't try and force other people into not getting it and stop being so bloody scared of the world around you. Toughen up.

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