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Explain to me why Genocide is bad.

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 15:16
The planet is overpopulated, some areas experience mass poverty, there isn't enough resources to sustain the constant growth of population.

Also, don't use "morally wrong" or "Muh rights" or any form of those arguments, because your morals are subjective and your rights don't exist outside of your country.
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 15:27
Killing the hungry is not the solution to hunger anon.
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 15:29
Genocide is bad because YOU would be genocided.
4 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 15:31
I didn't say the hungry, I just meant kill 60% of the population. It would in turn SOLVE the hunger issue.
5 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 15:33
Potentially, but I'm blue eyed and white. Historically, my chances are pretty good.
6 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 15:37
Rather, whites have only recently been doing well. Historically (not that I think it matters), your chances arent great
7 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 15:39
areas experience mass poverty

And yet it's not the people from these area who want to kill themselves.

Killing these people won't solve problem. It would be more efficiant to allow exit bag to be sold and promoted.

And defund the suicide hotline.

If you want to solve the overpopulation, you can also fix the problem that make 50% of the pregnancy unwanted/unplanned in the US.
8 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 16:00
Whites have been doing well for a long ass time.
Remember the UK empire?
The Holy Roman Empire (Praise for the HRE)
Stalin's Russia.
Hitler's Germany
Virtually all of Europe today.

I'll take the chances.
9 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 16:05
Because thats not a solution anon..
Wheb your math professor gives you a problem on a paper, whats the solution? To solve it using math? Or to tear away the paper and run out of the class? In both cases u wont have that problem anymore but they are different.
If you dont take lack of resit as a problem, and just kill population, you wont find a solution ever... Humanity will just have an upper limit of <number of alive individuals> and thats not solving the actual problem. You get that?
10 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 16:12
Life uses all kinds of means in order to persist, survive, remain and reproduce, there is no other way to live without harming other lives, since all living beings are conditioned to consume, use other species or occupy their spaces, there is not a form of perfect ethics that allows living without doing one of those actions directly or indirectly, there it is mixed with the idea of freedom because we are conditioned to move in that scheme if we want to continue living

11 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 16:16
Genocide is about killing someone based on his ethnicity/race/culture.

If you kill 60% of people at random, it's not a genocide. If you kill 90% of Armenian people it's a genocide even if the whole Armenian people is less than 1% of the world population.
12 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 16:25
People killing themselves isn't enough.
Also, don't focus on the poverty part too much, I'm not saying WHO I would genocide, I'm just saying we need it.

If we simply eradicate 60% of the population of every country, it would solve all the problems.
13 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 16:28
19/20 centuries, china has been the largest economy and India second.
Read history anon, asia has dominated much more than needed to prove my point here
14 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 16:43
It won't solve it long term, but it will definitely give us a longer time to solve it.
15 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 16:50
You know, you're correct, that was poor wording from me.

If we just Mass Murder 60% of the world's population.
16 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 17:00
If we simply eradicate 60% of the population of every country, it would solve all the problems.

It's not what a genocide is.
17 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 17:10
Sure so kill half of population now and then lets sit and think how to gather more resources? Youre funny
18 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 17:21
Yeah, but UK then came in and completely dominated China and India after ww2.
19 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 17:23
takes away genetic diversity, higher chance of world turning into large scale alabama
20 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 17:48
We wouldn't have to gather more resources, we would we then have too many resources, which would give time to think of a long term solution.

Like going back to trade rather than fiat currencies
21 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 17:59
shut the fuck up white faggot learn history you fucking fag
22 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 18:02
You know what... That's bad enough to not do it.
23 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 19:06
You know that the UK began oppressing the Chinese after WW2 right?
You know we had a major share in India's profits and we practically oppressed them too?
24 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 19:29
Anon thats not how it works.
1. China and india didnt need the rapid innovation that europe saw with industrial revolution because they were so fycking well off, just like india is fucked now so they are actually innovating like fuck (check out isro), this is a common phenomenon, weathy nations start lacking in a non connected pre internet/ mail world.
2. UK came to India, bribed nobles and kings and mostly fought them together, its not the same as winning a war against indian kings or something trust me. What couldve been equally possible is asians sailing to europe and making them fight eachother to conquer europe. Thats is why we say colonialy wasn't mighty of europe, it was just greedy and poor of them
Trust me, its not to make fun of you but u need more knowledge of history
25 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 19:50
Anon the problem is of not enough resources, trade cant help you much. Theres just population and less resources so long term soln is to gather more resources
26 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 20:16

So never think youre superior racially anon.. just read more
27 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 21:07
limits the gene pool
28 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 21:12
So morality and human rights are not valid arguments against killing millions of innocent people to you? I hope you know you’d be the first to get gassed for being an autistic edgy little fuckwit
29 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 22:58
Wipe out Africa. Easy.
30 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-25 23:12
I'd just enslave everyone under 100iq

Problem solved
31 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 00:18
That’s not a why, that’s another claim. Why isn’t it a solution? Try to use some evidence to warrant your position rather than make additional unsupported claims. All you too is distance yourself from a legitimate position.
32 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 00:25
And why is that bad?
33 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 00:44
Sure I’ll take the bait. So tell us explicitly in your own words, why is it immoral?
34 Name: Tokiko 2021-04-26 00:52
Let us Genocide the OPs.
35 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 04:04
No do me first!!
36 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 05:23
Why is it immoral to kill people indiscriminately and inevitably put them through suffering until they can be executed

Not b8 you’re just a retard, use your little brain you fucking weasel
37 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 12:20
Classic and predictable. Why are these libtard mongrels so obsessed with thoughtless emotion based decision making? So easy to identify a libtard, just ask them to explain the WHY of their position and they will call you a retard and say if you don’t know they’re not going to tell you.

Libtards actually believe that’s how an argument works.
38 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 12:59
The planet is not overpopulated, we have more than enough resources for everyone to live comfortably. Scarcity is artificially maintained by the ruling class.
39 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 13:24
kys and help the environment
40 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 13:35
The planet is not overpopulated
There’re too many niggers
41 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 13:41
According to scientists in the 30s, 40s, and 50s we should have ran out of food in the 70s and 80s. We didn't because we discovered new ways of growing crops. The reason people starve now is because there is no safe or effective way to provide those resources to the places that need them most. Usually do to bad local government or no local government that "collects" said food but only gives it out to who they like.

Same story with oil, should have run out by now, but fracking found previously un reachable sources. And it's possible that we may figure out fusion before we run out now.

Your prospective assumes no future innovation will fix these issues before its too late.
42 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 14:42
Or gasp...scientists didn’t reveal the truth either by ignorance or intention
43 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 16:08
Yes. Genocidal comedy is relevant as always, and funny at times. Hopefully you're not serious about massacring millions of innocents as well as thought criminals and sociopaths, that's why the police and the justice system exist.
44 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 16:13
Blacks are homicidal and giggly about it.
45 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 16:22
imo genocide targeting stupidity would actually be good, no more stupid people thinking vaccines cause autism, or retards detonating nukes just to tell everyone their newborn is a girl
46 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 16:34
It's mostly bad because the "right" people will not be doing the genocide. If 75% of nigs, asians, poojeets, spics and 100% of mudslimes were offed, that would be fine. But it will be nig warlords, muslim dictators and chinks doing most of the genocide
47 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 16:51
check out the cope on this one.

China was and still ass backwards, they've stolen everything of value. The only quality they produe is for export, for more money, and even that is questionable most of the time. You have to pay a chink a lot of money to make something at the level of a European or American. Otherwise they are happy to eat sewer gunk and virus bats, and do the nerve gas dance any chance they get.

Indians are literal shit-tier humans. I've been to India, I've seen it first hand.
48 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 17:42
That argumentation works until you're being dragged away yourself, OP.
But of course, you shouldn't die. Because you're special, right? You won't kill yourself. You don't believe in this idea THAT much. That would be crazy, right? And preferably not your family members or friends. They're off limits as well, right?

You're as much of a snowflake as all the other 14-year olds that approve this method, OP.
49 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 18:06
Wouldn't there be a huge influx of trauma/Paranoia? If you kill the mother and not their child, then that child would be worse off than before with increased chances of mental disorders. If you do manage to kill the whole family line as well as anyone who would be severely effected on it, there would still be mass paranoia within the population.

Also the questions of who is going to die and who decided that are pretty important ones. Shit could easily develop as an excuse to kill anyone with alternative opinion in the wrong hands. Or any hands, in general.
50 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 18:43
Because people aren't starving due to there not being enough food,they are starving because there is no infrastructure for that food to be delivered to them.
51 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 19:26
Or they’re starving because all the wealth is concentrated too the top.
52 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 20:09
Planet overpopulated
With enough technological advancement, overpopulation won't really be a problem. We can make sky/water cities when we run out of land space, and great strides are being made for space exploration.

Mass poverty
This is because of capitalist corporations raping the planet and the western world abusing the poorer countries for more resources. Genocide would just make poor places poorer, not create an equal footing.

Not enough resources
Complete bullshit. Logistical problems and greed is what is causing people to go hungry. The planet can comfortably sustain over 10 billion if we worked towards a technological utopia.

Sadly, we're working towards a technological dystopia, and corporations are replacing government more and more each day. Genocide literally solved none of the problems and just makes current problems worse.
53 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 20:12
I'll try to do a better job of explaining than just calling you a retard like >>36

If you can't see why causing other human life suffering is immoral you either

1) Have a complete lack of empathy


2) Have never experienced real, true great suffering/pain in your life

Suffering on this scale would be billions of people grieving for their family and friends, not to mention the pain of each of the individuals dying on this scale.

You probably can't help your lack of empathy, but surely you can see how the suffering of those left behind would be a less productive society than the one you imagine? And I can only assume you haven't been through enough grief/felt enough physical pain to see why putting someone else through that is completely wrong on several levels.
54 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-26 20:33
Faggot knows his shit, OP.
55 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 02:39

There is nothing wrong with it as long as it is reserved for the j00z
56 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 03:17
There's a difference between massacre and genocide. Opting for a genocide implies you believe some phenotypes are linked with undesirable characteristics, and the subjectivity and variability of what's desirable means your opinion will always be an absolute minority. Hence, it's bad.
Also, there's currently a general consensus, however fragile and subjective, that slaughtering vast amounts of people is bad. Subjectivity doesn't matter when the opinion is near-universal.
57 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 03:32
explain why x is wrong
but don't use a moral argument

room temperature IQ
58 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 03:38
It's great.
We will start with you, your family and your friends.
59 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 05:25
Just fucking kill niggers, retards, hobos, basically everybody that isn't helpful in society or doesn't want to be.
60 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 05:54
61 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 14:34
WHOA! What the fuck is that? Sasquatch's dad?
62 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 16:03
Have you ever been to Kansas?
Seems to me that you're just retarded and brainwashed.
63 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 22:14
Don't breed and kill yourself OP, you'll be helping your cause
64 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 22:17
Genocide can be the right thing to do. EXAMPLE:
RUSSIA is the biggest SHITHOLE nation neighbor to Europe.
It causes constant problems like, crime, and unrest for us and our allies in the States.
If we killed every smelly russian pig NO ONE WOULD EVEN CARE.
65 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 22:19
It's only good if targeted correctly.
For example, think of how many innocent lives would have been saved by eliminating China two years ago.
66 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 22:20
I'd like to genocide your mom with my cock you filthy jew faggot.
67 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 22:22
OK what problem would killing 60% of the people solve exactly?
Because you would create a problem so big that it would wipe out 60% of the population
68 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 22:39
69 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 22:43
If we nuke russia it would be Genocide but Russia only has 1.8% of the world population so... NO PROBLEMS.
70 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 22:54
Why? Russia is the last bastion of christianity?
They are tough warrior people who are used to constantly get fucked over by the government and still get up.
Russia has always been trying to become a true european but their shitty geography just wont allow for it. If they were to ditch the shitty land and clean up the bureaucracy they would be in great shape
71 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 23:07
yeah so why dont you fucking kill yourself, if your already aware of the problem and do the one thing you trying to rationalise here.

shut your fucking faggot mouth and get to the cause, do it, by and means necessary. so you can stop spending recourses that another person will use efficiently and with some fucking sense
72 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-27 23:13
The planet is overpopulated
False claim

There isn't enough resources
There is for a good while but it's hoarded by the wealthiest and also wasted on planned obsolescence
73 Name: Imran Khan 2021-04-27 23:16
Indian, the pioneers of innovation ? Lmao

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