The trope of dirty Jewish person

1 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-21 16:52
Over the last 3 years I have had to endure constant attempts of being stripped of my life by followers of Abraham and as far as I am concerned these people are soul sucking parasites who are indeed a problem, the problem in its purest form is them following religion, thinking they can think their way through "God". I have been called Father, the Creator and even God by members of the Jewish race/religion. When I was experiencing recreational drugs as a teenager was when the Jews started putting faith into me, and since then I have had to endure 24/7 voice to skull and tinnitus which I can say with confidence is backed up by these scum. The tinnitus came first, and is a part of a 5G surveillance network which they operate in secret and monitors my complete brain activity, an amusing trope of an image of a dirty Jewish person if you wish to experience it in such a way, otherwise you can imagine the perspective. The voice to skull is played roughly 20 times a minute into my skull through some sort of pulse signal of some subjective bullshit of people I do not wish to know speaking in a British accent, saying "push", "b*tch", etc. This method actually can cause you to have a mental breakdown which, unfortunately, also increases the (Abraham protestant) activity of beratement and sucking. This method, over the past 18 months, has actually lead me to conclude that people practicing an Abrahamic religion (perhaps it may be only catholics, protestants and m*****s) should be exterminated for their actions and threat to civilization. Either way, I wish to completely cut off all connections with these forms of life. The most disgusting "cherry on the cake" is that the combination of these methods is to what the perpetrators consider used to "improve" lives of women, mentally handicapped, etc. by torturing me and then imitating my life onto people after a change has occurred, an example of the external pressures these people apply from one person to another working
2 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-21 16:55
in the name of "God", you could even observe the women get stupider over this "Corona" pandemic. In fact, the reason everyone has had to stay at home over the last year and one month may be because of some kikes getting their balls shut in a beartrap, if you will, because of me being linked to the 5G network and them not being able to keep their little kaballah rat race operations running. This is their operation. If you experience extra joy one day putting on black clothes or placing emojis on your tinder profile you now may know where it comes from (I do wear black clothes, but not long black coats). Even having studied history, I hope every follower of these scummy religions are exterminated and if you have contributed to either of the methods described in this message I actually do have to start building faith that you will kill yourself and spare someone else the trouble of doing it, otherwise bunker. Turn off the voice to skull, tinnitus and surveillance ( I do not think this will happen ). Perhaps a good message to end on is to just reflect on wtf "these" people do and what they think they are. Don't talk to me, "very good". This shows what happens when you help actual monkeys (by teaching them (not to kill)(???)), otherwise I have enjoyed contributing to some media videos and whatnot. Perhaps today's "religious" representatives involved themselves into their faith by thinking they will get with women and/or have a better life but instead turned their faith into some rinky-dink ragu nagu business and killed their Messiah. For information's sake, I initially got hit by some Jew simply by listening on headphones and I could not even express myself writing this message because of being censored. Don't talk to me.
3 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-21 17:00
Update(OP): One day following posting my message online, while having to do an exam for university online I am hit approximately every 20 seconds, but also when I reach a peak point of focus, with my screen being disconnected from the hosting site, leaving me practically unable to perform my normal day activity. Voice to skull of dirty, annoying Jewish people laughing and chuckling is played into my brain.
Update 2(OP): Kike people are now trying to penetrate my psyche by manipulating my dreams/ inserting dreams into my head somehow, tonight it was cuck porn involving my friend and his mother. Kikes over scumfuck 5G network are acting in a shy and polite manner, but going strong on the voice to skull, the term "bitch" as well as pulse induced mental pain. I would like to make a reminder that if you have contributed to voice to skull one time in your life, I say you should kill yourself. I am beginning to realise black people may be responsible for the tinnitus as I am starting to recall from a previous memory, fuck black people for that reason.
Update 3(OP): Tonight I was put in front of a few other people in my sleep, including an Ashkenazi Jew. Despite not making an opinion about the Jew's presence, soon I would find my mood to be set toward being favorable toward the Jew. I would find myself in a classroom with multiple females and the Jew, and now I was working towards making commentary on dismantling the Jewish race, the commentary which the females would find favourable would be drawn on the chalkboard and the Jew would take notes, probably to use as information of controling females and building the Muslim religion. In case you have not put the pieces together, this is how I am being used to further progress the evolution of this shit-kike Abraham religion.
4 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-21 17:10
Update 4(OP): The Jews trying to do something with me through voice to skull, tinnitus, pulse induced mental stress, heart pains, etc. now are taking no shame in abusing my dreams and acting very supportive when I get up, ready to greet me with all the voice to skull I can imagine (every 2 seconds), like some ball-licking cartoon dog. Voices present are now of some fat kike bitch I know from before who literally prides herself on doing stimulus induced voice to skull, resemblances of Elon Musk who appears to be impersonating as Jeff Bezos, some other kikes. Am now fully convinced that these people’s operations are essentially parasitic and do not resemble the behavior of a human going forward. Scum parasites, shit-scum, kike parasites, stupid voice to skull stimulus bitch, etc. Please provide bunkers as this is my strongest recommendation for extermination.
Update 5(OP): I have come to the conclusion that my ancestors are most probably responsible for the now sorry lives of Abrahamic people which if true is the reason for my suffering and having to listen to one kike bitch. Waiting for the end of them now.
5 Name: Anonymous 2021-04-21 17:13
Are you being serious? If so you really need to see a doctor. You're schizophrenic.

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